RU was founded in 2016. Initially, the platform was used to purchase, hold, pay and transfer digital currencies, operating under the name Monaco. However, in 2019 the developers decided to transform the service into a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange.

Today, the mission of the service is active promotion of crypto assets. To achieve that, the company is growing, offering to use cryptocurrency in your everyday life. These are VISA, MCO cards and several cryptocurrency wallets for transactions and staking. The exchange also has its own asset – coin (CRO), offering many benefits for using it. The company aims to expand the ecosystem, where every person can use digital coins to pay for goods and services. Exchange ranking

Total score 7,4
Commissions 9
Security and regulation 7
Markets 8
Passive income 8
Deposit and withdrawal 7
Trading platforms 7
Analytics 8
Education 8
Customer support 6
Bonuses 5 pros and cons

Good conditions for lending
Passive income options
Wide selection of assets
Low commissions and fees
User-friendly trading platform
Quick deposit/withdrawal
Difficult analysis of assets for the beginners
Mediocre work of customer support
You have to manually search for educational and analytical materials
Only one account type

Basic information

Name Exchange
Exchange type Centralized
Regulation Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Hong Kong FinCom – The Financial Commission
Taker commission 0.4-0.1%, depending on the trading volume
Maker commission 0.4-0.04%, depending on the trading volume
Demo account No
Minimum deposit No
BTC withdrawal limits 100 BTC per day
USD withdrawal limits Direct transaction is not available, but you can use the ACH system to convert and withdraw assets. The time frame for the transaction is 3-5 working days. The minimum amount is $100, and the maximum daily amount is $5,000.
Withdrawal in Fiat Transactions via ACH, which are performed as a bank transfer, are available
Time frame for account opening From 15 minutes (simple registration) to 36 hours (verification included)
Leverage x3, x5, x10
Markets 265
Passive income options Staking, referral system
Customer support languages English
Withdrawal fee Calculated individually for each asset in crypto, for withdrawal of Fiat currency from internal wallet – 25 USDC
Methods of deposit Debit/credit card (Visa/MC), wire transfer, cryptocurrencies
Methods of withdrawal Debit/credit card (Visa/MC), wire transfer, cryptocurrencies
Account currencies USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, cryptocurrencies
Promo Welcome deposit bonus, referral program with bonuses for registration, special offers
Author of the review
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams has been a trader and observer since 2019. She has written around 30 analytical articles on cryptocurrency rate dynamics, reviews of financial companies and large joint stock companies.

Commissions and fees of Exchange


There is an entire system of commissions, fees and control over financial transactions on the platform. We assessed the system of commissions and fees as transparent and the level of fees as low, particularly for active trading. charges reasonable maker and taker fees, ranging from 0.4% to 0.1% depending on the trading volume.

The platform uses an open and competitive payment structure. You can get a lower fee by placing CRO tokens. In addition, you will also earn 20% ROI on the deposit amount.

Lower commissions and fees for higher trading volume
No deposit fees
Separate calculation of commissions and fees for futures, options and derivatives trading
To receive bonuses, commissions need to be paid in CRO

Trading fees on

The website has a convenient system of calculation of commissions and fees, according to which a user can be charged a lower commission if they increase their trading volume during the month. Below, you can see how the commissions change depending on the volume of transactions in the past 30 days.

Market Monthly volume
Maker Taker
Spot $0 – $25,000 0,4% 0,4%
$25,001 – $50,000 0,35% 0,35%
$50,001 – $100,000 0,15% 0,25%
$100,001 – $250,000 0,1% 0,16%
$250,001 – $1,000,000 0,09% 0,15%
$1.000.001 – $20,000,000 0,08% 0,14%
$20,000,001– $100,000,000 0,07% 0,13%
$100,000,001 – $200,000,000 0,06% 0,12%
$200,000,001 and above 0,04% 0,1%
Futures $0 – $25,000 0,05% 0,07%
$50,001 – $100,000 0,04% 0,065%
$100,001 – $250,000 0,03% 0,06%
$250,001 – $1,000,000 0,02% 0,035%
$1,000,001 – $20,000,000 0,015% 0,03%
$20,000,000 – $100,000,000 0,01% 0,025%
$100,000,001 – $200,000,000 0,005% 0,02%
$200,000,001 and above 0,0% 0,015%

Notably, in addition to different levels of commission depending on volume, traders can also get a 10% discount as a bonus on staking CRO. In order to receive bonuses, the commissions and fees need to be paid also in CRO.

The service offers separate trading fees for users holding the VIP status for spot trading, depending on the level (there are 3 levels in total). In this case, maker’s fee will range within 0.02-0.0%, and taker’s fee – 0.04-0.02%

Average commission on compared to competitors Binance HTX (Huobi)
Taker 0.2% 0.06% 0.09%
Maker 0.15% 0.05% 0.08%

The fees for trading cryptocurrencies are slightly higher than those charged by the competitors. However, with active monthly trading, the fees will be lower.

If a trader trades futures actively during the month and reaches a trading volume over $200,000,000, no trading fees are charged. Also, the fees for trading derivatives are calculated separately. In this case, the order position – taker or maker – is the determining factor, and accordingly either paying a fee or getting a ‘reward’. There are 9 levels of commissions based on the 30-day trading volume here, same as with spot trading. Taker’s fee ranges within 0.07%-0.015%, and maker – 0.05%-0.00%.

Non-trading commissions on

There are no fees on deposits made in cryptocurrency, but the withdrawal fee is charged. For every asset, it is a fixed amount, which, as a rule is 50% of the minimum withdrawal amount. This means that if the minimum withdrawal amount in the IoTeX token is 0.16, the withdrawal fee will be 0.08. You can learn more about the fees charged on each asset in the Fees & Limits section. fees for the transactions in Fiat currencies are calculated separately. At the moment, you can deposit and withdraw funds in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD, BRL. Notably, all transfers are available via SWIFT. The platform does not charge a deposit fee on the deposits in fiat currencies. However, your bank may charge a fee for the transactions, which you need to take into account. When credited to the account, any currency will be automatically converted into stablecoin USDC.

For withdrawals, you have to submit a request in USDC, and you will receive the amount to your debit/credit card in fiat money (as a rule, it is your wallet’s currency). However, withdrawal from the account at the exchange is charged with a 25 USDC fee.

Margin lending on

Margin lending with three types of leverage – 3x, 5x, 10x, is available on the platform. When a trader uses margin lending, they need to pay a trading fee. In case of order liquidation, the fee is fixed – 0.16% of the trade amount.

The exchange also has a special offer, i.e. a possibility to calculate your fee by yourself. However, this feature is only available if:

  • There are no open orders at the moment;
  • There are no trigger orders (placed in advance with the contract price and amount).

Notably, the final leverage for the position will be the lowest of the indicators available for the account and for the specific instrument.

Instrument Daily interest rate
BTC, ETH 0.6%-0.008%, depending on the amount of the loan
USDT, USDC 0.6%-0.2%, depending on the amount of the loan

Compared to the conditions of margin lending on other resources, a conclusion can be made that the lending fee is one of the best in the market. Reliability and Regulation

7 exchange is currently registered in the Caymans under the name CRO DAX Limited. Notably, it is the first company in the segment to receive the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 as of now. It confirmed that the operation of the exchange is transparent and that the funds of the users are protected. The audit of the service was conducted by SGS, one of the leaders of the auditing services market.

Also, the company’s operation is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong and has achieved Level 3 of the Cryptocurrency Security Standard, providing full protection of the clients:

  • User funds are held in cold wallets, while all financial resources are insured;
  • The amounts available in hot wallets are company’s assets providing for uninterrupted operation of the system;
  • Every user’s transaction is verified and tested against the use of third-party instruments for money laundering;
  • The platform uses two-factor authentication provided by Google Authenticator or biometric authentication;
  • Transactions can be performed exclusively to the addresses and accounts registered on the website (the so-called white accounts).

As of today, the exchange has not been involved in any scandals or hacker attacks. Exchange Markets and Products


The platform provides access to the most popular digital assets as well as dozens of second-level coins. At the time of the review, the total number of cryptocurrencies on the platform was 126. The users also have access to trading derivatives.

Noteworthy, the trading volume on the platform increased considerably over the past year, which once again points to the growing popularity of the resource.

Pros and Cons of market diversity on Exchange
Several types of futures are available
Wide selection of assets and cryptocurrency pairs
Right after you make a deposit, the funds on your account are converted into stablecoins or the company’s own currency markets Exchange Binance HTX (Huobi)
Cryptocurrencies* 221 395 584
Trading pairs* 467 1682 1135
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes
Etherium Yes Yes Yes
Altcoins Yes Yes Yes
and options
Yes Yes Yes
Cryptocurrency funds (a basket of cryptocurrencies in one lot) No No No
NFT No Yes Yes
*The information is current at the time of writing this review

Cryptocurrencies (spot) on Exchange

There are 265 currency pairs available at the exchange, including:

  • The most popular assets – Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA and others;
  • A wide selection of medium-popular assets;
  • Little known tokens, which are only gaining popularity.

As of now, the platform offers an average choice of trading position. Their number is lower than the flagship exchanges offer, but you can still choose a couple of dozen of assets here suitable for trading and testing new strategies.

Cryptocurrencies (Futures) on Exchange

Futures trading is available on the platform. For this, you need to go to the Markets in the top menu and choose the Futures tab. At the moment, two position options with different execution terms -69 and 149 days, are available. Notably, you can only use margin funding for trading futures.

Cryptocurrencies at

Passive income on Exchange


There are two options for earning passive income on the platform: referral system and staking. Let’s review them in more detail.

  • The Syndicate Program
    The Syndicate is the referral program of Active users of the platform can invite other people and earn up to USD 2,000 and up to 50% of commissions paid by the referred user as a reward.

  • Staking on Exchange
    Staking at the exchange is available for CRO, and also assets from the stablecoin category. A user can buy them, transfer to a separate wallet for a term of 180 days and earn passive income during this entire period. Noteworthy, also traditional cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and others) are available for staking, although the return on stablecoins is 14% annual, and on cryptocurrencies – 8.5%. In this case, the profit is paid weekly.

In addition, a user, who is using staking, has access to a range of additional ‘goodies’:

  • Access to the Syndicate program;
  • Cash back in CRO for commissions and fees;
  • Best conditions at Crypto Credit;
  • Discounts on purchases of goods/services paid for in cryptocurrency.

The platform also provides an opportunity to earn passive income by staking De-Fi tokens. As a rule, it is staking tokens for a period of 180 days at a possible profit of up to 6% annual. It is an excellent option to increase your savings.

Account opening on Exchange


In order to start trading futures and cryptocurrencies, you need to create an account with the exchange. Notably, the registration and verification procedures are very clear and simple. The registration won’t take more than 15 minutes. However, in order to start trading fully, you will need to pass verification, which will take a bit longer than a day (depending on how loaded the system is).

Clear algorithm of registration and account opening
Pop-up prompts with clarifications
Two-factor authentication
A possibility to simultaneously link several wallets to the account
No demo account

Residents of which countries can trade at the exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchange is an international platform that is popular among traders from all around the world. There are restrictions for registration and trading only for the citizens or residents of North Korea, Iran and Syria.

How to open an account on Exchange:
a step-by-step guide

Signing up on the platform is quite simple, so you won’t need to seek advice.


Open the official website of the exchange. The English version of the website opens by default.

How to open an account with

Also, even if you switch to another language, as shown on the image above, your registration form will still be in English. However, it is extremely simple. You will need to provide your first and last name, email, date of birth and citizenship. Also, you will need to come up with a password and confirm it.

If you have friends or acquaintances, who are already registered at the exchange, you can use their referral link and get bonuses for signing up by entering the promo code in the Referral Code box.

After that you need to agree with the conditions of personal data use and click on the Create Account button.


Confirm your email by entering the code from the email that will be sent to you in the corresponding box.


Link your phone number to your account by entering your number and then the code you received in a text message in the pop-up window.

Verification on
In order to work on the platform, you will need to verify your account. In order to do that, you need to provide your full name in the form and attach a screenshot/photo of your ID document – a passport, driver’s license. After that, upload a selfie with the document with a clear image of your photo and letters to the service.

Depending on the workload of the system, verification may take from 2 to 36 hours. Notably, during this time, the functionality of the platform may be limited. You will learn that your account has been verified from a notification letter sent to your email.

Minimum deposit on

In order to start trading, you need to fund your account. You can deposit cryptocurrency or fiat assets, which will subsequently be converted by the system into stablecoins. For deposits in digital money, there is no minimum amount. If you are depositing fiat money, the minimum transaction is $100. The amount is credited to your wallet and then converted into a token, which can be used for trading. Exchange Binance HTX (Huobi)
Minimum deposit $100 in fiat, no minimum deposit in cryptocurrency $1 (for trading Spot 10) $1 (for trading Spot 20)

Account types on

There is one standard account for the users at the exchange, but a separate wallet needs to be opened for each type of service. Also several wallets with different designation can be created, for example the first for active trading, the second for staking and the third for holding assets.

Deposit limit Withdrawal limit
Account 1 Up to $500,000 in fiat, and there are no limitations on deposits in cryptocurrency Up to $500,000 per month, up to $100,000 per day, for cryptocurrency – up to 100 BTC per day

Deposit and withdrawal on


The deposit options at the exchange include wire transfers, Visa/MasterCard card transfers via electronic payment systems and also transfers inside the exchange. It is quick, convenient, as there is no need to use third party services.

A possibility to withdraw funds to external and internal wallets
Zero commission on withdrawals to the internal wallet
Deposits via SWIFT are not charged with a fee
No direct deposit/withdrawal in fiat
Deposit and withdrawal options and processing time on
Deposit/withdrawal method Commission Deposit/withdrawal processing time
Bitcoin 0.0004 on withdrawal Withdrawal to the exchange’s internal wallet is instant. Withdrawals to external wallets take up to 2 hours
Ethereum 0.008 on withdrawal Withdrawal to the exchange’s internal wallet is instant. Withdrawals to external wallets take up to 2 hours
Debit/credit cards 25 USDC From several hours to two days depending on the workload of the system
SWIFT 25 USDC plus a possible fee charged by your bank Several hours
ACH No fee (you bank may charge a fee) Several hours
Notably, the cryptocurrency platform provides a rather small choice of available payment systems. As for the fees, the rate is definitely overstated for withdrawals in fiat.

Trading platforms of


You can trade assets at this exchange by either using the web version or downloading and installing the mobile application. Back when the platform was launched, only the web version was available; the app was launched last year. The website operates well, properly showing all charts and positions, also from a smartphone or a tablet.

Pros and cons

User-friendly interface of the trading platform
Clear division into options and futures
There is FAQ in each section featuring the most popular questions and answers
Poor choice of indicators
Comparative table of features
Web Mobile
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes
Order types Limit, Market, Expanded Limit, Market, Expanded
Quote history Yes Yes
Tradingview charts Yes Yes

Trading is the focus of the platform and the section with orders and charts will make it as comfortable as it can be.

First, the assets are conveniently located: Spot, Perpetual, Futures, which saves you time looking for the currency pair you are interested in. Once you choose an asset, you are redirected to a page featuring the price chart and also available orders.

The trader sees the page for trading with the price chart in the middle. Under the chart, you can see the list of orders and the entire transaction history in this account. The list of orders is divided into two tables, with the highlighted figure showing the current price of the asset. Trading Platform

Below the order book and transaction history, the user will see the form for creating orders for the purchase and sale of assets. order book

There are four types of orders currently available at the platform:

  • Limit
    is an order for a purchase or sale of an asset. It is filled once the price of an asset reaches a specific level.

  • Market
    is an order for instant purchase/sale of tokens at the best market price.

  • Stop-Limit
    is an order to buy or sell an asset that has specific limits and features. It means that it is filled once specific criteria are met (for example, the price of a token should not exceed a specific amount).

  • Stop-Loss
    is an order that is filled once the coin’s price reaches a certain level or specific trading volume is achieved.

Trading platform. Comparison with competitors Binance HTX (Huobi)
Web platform Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Desktop No Yes Yes trading platforms specs

You can trade cryptocurrencies at the exchange both from the main website and from the mobile application.

  • Web platform of
    The web interface of the exchange is simple and intuitive: it is easy to navigate, has a wide range of features and instruments for analysis. Notably, trading from the web platform is rather convenient. Traders can use several charts at once, monitor indicators and promptly make decisions regarding trades. Windows of sale of each currency pair as well as charts can be opened in another tab, so the users will not get the values and indicators mixed.

  • Mobile platform of the exchange
    The mobile application of the exchange fully replicates the features of the main platform; all instruments for analysis are shown correctly for any resolution. It is very convenient, as you don’t have to be at the computer all the time in order to monitor the market.

Analytics at


All analytical materials of the exchange are available in the Research section that features reports on De-Fi tokens, a weekly review of the key cryptocurrency market news. The Data Analysis category features big articles on key changes in a specific cryptocurrency, direction of trends, etc. All information is supported by charts and statistics, which can be used when preparing a new trade. The only drawback is that there is no search feature. Therefore, if you need some specific information, you will have to search manually.

Analytics on

Education on


Educational materials of the exchange are available on the help platform and social media. On YouTube, these are short and medium-length tutorials featuring simple and clear explanations regarding purchase and sale of assets, launching staking, funding a trading account, etc. On the help platform, you can find guides on how to use a specific feature of the exchange. You can ask a question in the search box, but the system performs the search by words, showing absolutely all results. Therefore, you will have to search the article that you need from the search results. As for the trading basics and more detailed educational materials, there are none. You will have to search for the trading basics on third-party sources.

Customer support


The level of customer support leaves a lot to be desired.

You can contact customer support via email or the help center
Chat on the platform with instructions does not work
You have to wait for several days for the response
Communication channels

There are the following ways to contact customer support:

Social media accounts are available in English and you can choose the language (from the list) in the Help Center.

Bonuses and promo


The exchange has a referral program, which we mentioned earlier, and a deposit bonus for newly registered users. The bonus is 2% of the transaction amount.

The exchange also has prize draws, where you can buy popular assets at a 50% discount.


7,4 Exchange is a rather good service for trading digital assets and investing in them. The exchange provides access to 265 assets, including flagship positions and second-level assets. In addition, the service offers good conditions of commissions and fees, which become lower as the monthly trading volume increases. The platform offers passive income options, including staking at around 6% annual profitability. Wide choice of indicators and charts that allow for full technical market analysis is yet another advantage. Also, the service features many analytical and educational materials.

Customer support is the only drawback of the platform. You can contact customer support via email or Help Center, but you will get a response only a couple days later, which is not very convenient in conditions of active trading.

Summing up, it is worth noting that Exchange is an excellent option for the beginners as well as professional traders, as the detailed review of the platform’s features showed that the exchange has a wide choice of tokens, good deposit/withdrawal conditions and even acceptable level of commissions and fees with higher trading volumes.


34 reviews
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This blue screen on Exchange at first made me tense, I thought it was a system glitch. But no, it turned out to be a feature. Gradually I got used to it.
24 days ago's exchange is slick. Love the mobile app for on-the-go trading. Decent number of trading pairs and competitive fees.
Luca Chiciano
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I'm all about making connections, and Exchange feels like it's trying to do the same with its community. It's warm and inviting.
48 days ago
The community focus and ethical commitment of Exchange resonate with my vision of making a positive impact through crypto trading. Yet, the platform's occasionally opaque policies on asset inclusion contrast with my need for transparency and authenticity.
62 days ago
Engaging with others in trading discussions sparks joy, though I find myself seeking moments of solitude to reflect on my trading decisions.
140 days ago offers a seamless experience with its user-friendly interface. The rewards system is a great incentive. However, more variety in altcoins would be appreciated.
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As a seasoned trader, I've found the platform's advanced trading features to be exceptional. Their margin trading options and diverse range of altcoins make it a top choice for serious traders.
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Their rewards system and crypto credit services are innovative, making it a great platform for those who seek more than just trading. impressed me with its seamless integration of crypto and traditional finance.
Jessica Lenpreneur404
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Yo! Just checked the Exchange review. Man, this site’s the real deal. Got everything a crypto dude needs – solid coins, cool app, and some dope trading features. It's like they get what the crypto world is all about. Thumbs up!
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Exploring the interface of Exchange reveals a notable user experience design. However, incorporating more advanced financial analytics tools can significantly enhance the strategic trading decisions of its users.
168 days ago Exchange could enhance its role in the digital economy by initiating comprehensive research collaborations with academic institutions, focusing on the study of cryptocurrency markets and their impact on global financial ecosystems.
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In the vast cosmos of cryptocurrency exchanges, certainly shines like a bright star. The interface, the security, and the customer service are truly unparalleled.
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Investing in Polkadot feels like contributing to a sustainable future. Its interoperability promises a united and efficient blockchain network, which aligns with my vision for a harmonized digital ecosystem.
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Make use of the "Earn" feature to stake your cryptocurrencies. It's a less risky way to generate a return on your investments.
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The beat drops and so do the prices sometimes, but that's what makes it exciting, right? keeps my portfolio as diverse as my playlists. A banger of an app!
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As a single mom, finding ways to invest for my child's future is crucial. has been an educational and empowering platform for me. It's more than just numbers; it's about securing a future.
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All in all, a convenient exchange with a large set of coins. Fees are lower than many competitors. Had a couple of questions, support responded quickly and helped solve them.
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Yo, your review about Exchange is lit! It's like you guys are speaking my language. Looking forward to more of your cool stuff!
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Oh, Exchange, how you make my heart sing! Your platform is so beautifully designed and easy to use, it's like poetry in motion. I love that you're not just an exchange, but a full-fledged ecosystem for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Your idealistic vision of a decentralized future is truly inspiring and it gives me hope for what's to come. I have no doubt that you'll continue to lead the charge in this exciting industry and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. Thank you, Exchange, for all that you do.
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My app has stopped working, constantly keeps asking for verification of email but when I click the link it goes nowhere. This has never happened before. Contacted cs many times, they don’t give a clear answer, keep sending me useless templates. I’ll definitely try another platform.
578 days ago
I have quite a positive experience with My deposits and withdrawals always work great and prompt, the support replies questions to an acceptable manner. The standard make and take fee is 0.8% which is not really bad I guess. I remember they had a very nice staking reward for USDT. It’s quite a bit lower now, but still as worthy as at other places. Buying and selling is simple and overall the entire exchange site on pc is very easy to navigate through.
579 days ago
My staked money which has been changed by them into their coin has lost around 70% in value. They update their ’Terms & Conditions’ too often and of course not in favor of the customer. The application starts extremely slow. That’s annoying. The support is actually helpful, but requires you to enter a mobile and id number every time to start chatting. That’s just a waste of time.
579 days ago is not everything they claim to be when it comes to customer service. They’re really rubbish and don’t offer you real solutions to your problems, just a bunch of bots that frustrate you more than help you. I tried to reset my 2FA which I never asked for or wanted to use. And I can’t get access to my own money for 10 days now. It’s just a way to keep customer’s money tied up. I asked them to call me but they didn’t care. Very disappointed (((
Tonny Vossen
583 days ago
They change policy multiple times one after the other after each customer acquisition campaign. Alarm bells should start ringing. It draws parallel to how Celsius operated before its collapse. Moreover, staff are being fired at a very high rate and told to keep quiet about it. Not a good sign.
585 days ago
You need to submit proof of address 5 times!! With multiple times retaking the same photo. Fees are extremely high in comparison with 10 other trading platforms. Buy prices are higher than market, sell prices are lower. They have policies so called for the "safety" of the customer but it’s for keeping in your money and taking advantage of them. You buy right away but you have to wait 24 hours to withdraw ("security reasons"). This is ridiculous. We are highly dissatisfied.
587 days ago
So many dark patterns. Everything is done to make it almost impossible to withdraw your money, it’s so annoying. Truly pathetic customer service as I’ve been going back and forth for days with them trying to solve my problem. Smth is wrong with their wallet. Why are any other wallets’ withdrawals instant?
589 days ago
I deposited money via bank transfer. The exchange froze my funds without any notifications, the funds are not displayed in my account, and the support service has been promising for a week that the issue will be solved and the money will be returned. Still waiting.
Marek Kolodziejczak
590 days ago
I’ve been a user for about 8 months now and I think this is a great company. The site works very well in the application, the transactions are very simple. The cashback on spending their Visa card is just great. I had a problem caused by my mistake. When I contacted them, they said that they needed time to sort it out. Every few days they contacted me, keeping me informed. Excellent, I couldn’t ask for more.
P. Leibovitz
591 days ago
I have been using the app for over a year now and have never had a problem with my assets. Every time I need help or answers, the customer service responds pretty quickly. Friendly guys.
594 days ago is the best exchange for me, and CRO is the best project. What’s really good is that exchange trading fees are no longer charged in CRO. I love using the app; depositing and withdrawing funds is easy. By the way, on average account verification takes 2 to 5 business days.
594 days ago
Love CRO in general but I’ve stopped receiving 3% cashback for my visa purchase. Not good. Poor customer support.