Bybit (full name - Bybit Fintech Limited) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency derivative exchanges in the market. Established in 2018, it has already attracted over 3 million regular users. In terms of traffic, liquidity and functionality, Bybit is ranked among the leaders, as international ratings confirm.

Bybit is primarily a derivatives exchange, where you can trade perpetual futures with high leverage and good liquidity. In addition to being generally focused on active traders, the exchange is distinguished by high speed of operation, quick market update and technical competence.

The platform supports around 100,000 transactions per second. High frequency trading (HFT) is available through a powerful API. Bybit offers great options for earning passive income – in the ByFi section, staking (earning cryptocurrency without high computational power), DeFi mining (decentralized finance and lending) and dual mining (mining of two cryptocurrencies simultaneously) are available.

Bybit Rating

Bybit gets a high score for the majority of services that are monitored by our experts. The only nuance is that the platform is not legal in the territory of the US and even in Singapore, which affects the potential number of users, and, as a result, limits potential liquidity. The scores of the exchange are shown in the table below.

Total score 7,9
Commissions 9
Security and regulation 9
Markets 9
Passive income 9
Deposit and withdrawal 6
Trading platforms 6
Analytics 6
Education 9
Customer support 9
Bonuses 8

Bybit Pros and Cons

Every exchange has its pros and cons. In terms of Bybit, they are the following:

Wide selection of contracts in the spot market and excellent conditions for margin trading of derivatives
Several interesting passive income options
User-friendly interface
Zero deposit fee
Abundance of bonuses
Focus on novice traders
24h support
No customer support by phone
Depositing fiat money to the account is difficult
Poor adaptation of the app for tablets
Limited operation in a number of developed regions of the world (USA and China)
Shortage of available coins (spot has been launched not so long ago)

Basic information

It took Bybit only 3 years to exceed 3 million users. The cryptocurrency exchange is particularly popular among traders in Eastern Europe. Here’s basic information about the exchange:

Name Bybit
Exchange type Centralized
Regulation There is no data about the licenses at the place of Bybit registration in the Seychelles; Bybit Japan office holds the license of FSA Japan
Taker’s fee 0.1%
Maker’s fee 0.1%
Demo account Yes
Minimum deposit No
BTC withdrawal limits Daily limit is 100 BTC for verified accounts
USD withdrawal limits Payouts are available only in cryptocurrency
Withdrawal in Fiat Withdrawal to a bank account is not available, only tokens to external wallets
Time frame for account opening Around 15 minutes for basic level, while full verification takes up to 5 days, depending on how fast the exchange’s team works
Author of the review
Anastasia Hernandez
Anastasia Hernandez

Anastasia Hernandez is a financial consultant and analyst with over ten years of experience. She has been an active trader in the cryptocurrency market since 2018. Hernandez specializes in detailed analysis of digital currencies and development of trading strategies and investment portfolios.

Bybit commissions and fees


Bybit commission and fees are some of the lowest in the market. Let’s see the pros and cons of the commission policy of the cryptocurrency exchange being reviewed:

No deposit fee
Minimal trading fees
High fee for withdrawal of less popular altcoins

Trading fees

The fees do not depend on the trading volumes, which can be considered a serious advantage. The trading fee is deducted from the account balance and in no way affects the initial margin on the order.

The structure of Bybit trading fee in spot trading is the same as for trading inverse and USDT contracts. The fee corresponds to two different types of execution: maker and taker.

The table below shows trading fees charged by Bybit in spot trading.

Maker’s fee Taker’s fee
All spot trading pairs 0.1% 0.1%

Non-trading fees

The exchange does not charge a deposit fee, but the withdrawal fees are fixed. Here are the fees for the most popular cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC – 0.0005BTC
  • ETH – 0.005ETH
  • LTC – 0.001LTC
  • XRP – 0.25XRP
  • USDT (TRC20) - 10
  • ALGO - 0.01

The fees for popular cryptocurrencies are not much different from the average in the market, but for less popular altcoins, the withdrawal fees are higher than those charged by competitors. Notably, Bybit is planning to consider and add the option of determining own fees for experienced traders in the future.

Average commission compared to competitors

This is how Bybit fees compare with the competitors:

Bybit Huobi Binance
Taker 0.1% 0.13% 0.08%
Maker 0.1% 0.13% 0.06%

Compared to Binance and Huobi the exchange has average fees. As we said before, the rate is fixed and not floating.

Margin lending

As is befitting of all modern cryptocurrency exchanges, Bybit offers its customers an opportunity to trade using borrowed funds. Margin trading has long become a classic service.

As an example, let’s review several instruments and their leverage:

Perpetual contracts (inverse) Highest leverage Maximum position size
BTC/USD 100x 1'500 BTC
ETH/USD 50x 30'000 ETH
XRP/USD 50x 7'500'000 XRP
EOS/USD 50x 500'000 EOS

The current daily interest rate in USDT is 0.06% and 0.03% on the underlying asset. The current interest rate is 0.01%. Financing interval is 3 (every 8 hours): rate of financing calculated from 00:00 until 08:00 changes at 16:00, the rate of financing calculated from 08:00 until 16:00 changes at 00:00, and the rate of financing calculated from 16:00 until 00:00 changes at 08:00.

Bybit Reliability and Regulation


Bybit was established by professional bankers and traders in March 2018. Bybit Fintech Limited is the managing company. The legal address of the company is located in the British Virgin Islands, but the headquarters is in Singapore. Therefore, this is a classic organization that operates in the offshore territories. This fact does not contribute to the reliability, but this applies to many cryptocurrency exchanges due to persecution from official jurisdictions.

Bybit’s co-founder Ben Zhou is the company’s CEO. He is formerly from XM, one of the world’s largest Forex brokerage companies. The majority of the Bybit team actually came from Forex. The technical personnel were hired from Morgan Stanley, Tencent and Nuoya Fortune.

Thanks to the competent team composition and 24/7 support, Bybit boasts a high level of security against hacks and other abuses. In the entire short history of the company, there has not been a single major case of account theft, which can be considered as an advantage.

Bybit Markets and Products


The exchange offers classic financial instruments to its clients. They are conveniently split into two categories – spot and derivatives. In terms of the number of trading pairs, Bybit is clearly behind its competitors, but the exchange offers a proprietary ByFi service, which features flexible staking and modern varieties of mining, which provides an opportunity to earn passive income from cryptocurrency assets.

Pros and cons of market diversity on Bybit

Pros and cons:

Classic toolkit, which is easily understandable to a novice trader
Proprietary ByFi center for optimal mining and staking
3 categories of derivatives: perpetual USDT, security perpetual contract, inverse futures
Fewer coins compared to competitors
Futures contracts only on BTC and ETH

When you add tokens to staking Bybit Pool, you can get new coins for free. It is also possible to withdraw them at any time. There is also a special offer of earning a profit from staking BIT, the native token of BITDAO, one of the largest decentralized organizations in the world.

Bybit markets

Let’s compare the key indicators of the markets offered by Bybit by Binance and the competitors of the exchange:

Bybit Huobi Binance
Cryptocurrencies 202 584 395
Trading pairs 560 1135 1682
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes
Etherium Yes Yes Yes
Altcoins Yes Yes Yes
and options
Yes Yes Yes
Cryptocurrency funds (a basket of cryptocurrencies in one lot) No No No
NFT Yes Yes Yes
*We used the latest available information in this review.

Compared to competitors, Bybit is not as big, but the exchange does have a potential to grow, mostly thanks to the competence of the team and excellent functionality. Bybit is focused not only on trading, but also on mining.

Bybit works with NFT tokens, which have lately become very popular, although NFTs support mainly exists only within the framework of promotions.

Cryptocurrencies – Spot

Spot trading became available on Bybit relatively recently – in July 2021. The CEO plans to gradually make the exchange universal, featuring everything both experienced and novice traders may need.

Spot is formed by only 126 currency pairs, including crosses formed between altcoins. Compared to the competitors, this is a rather low indicator that describes the small pool of the cryptocurrency exchange. For each trading pair, information is provided on the latest price, 24-hour performance and trading volume. You can also review the price charts, if needed.

Cryptocurrencies – Futures market

Bybit’s main ‘bet’ is on derivatives. In terms of cumulative trading, the exchange is regularly ranked among the top five most popular exchanges in the market, but still has a long way to go to compete with Binance.

Perpetual contracts with high leverage are one of the strong suits of Bybit. At the moment, the exchange’s products include the following pairs (on inverse transactions):

  • BTC/USD;
  • ETH/USD;
  • EOS/USD;
  • XRP/USD;
  • BIT/USD;
  • DOT/USD.

The base coins are used as collateral. Leverage up to 100:1 is available on BTC/USD, while it is 50:1 on XRP/USD, EOS/USD and ETH/USD.

In spring 2020, the exchange launched trading of perpetual USDT contracts, which are linear contracts. Unlike inverse contracts, USDT trades have the following features:

  • no need to hedge the position;
  • simple calculation of unrealized profit/loss, which are presented as a linear curve;
  • you can use different leverage for long and short positions.

The position can be held indefinitely – in this regard, the model is very similar to BitMEX.

Taker and maker on derivatives:

Perpetual contracts (inverse) Taker on derivatives Maker on derivatives
BTC/USD -0,025% 0,075%
ETH/USD -0,025% 0,075%
XRP/USD -0,025% 0,075%
EOS/USD -0,025% 0,075%

Bybit supports three order types: conditional, market and limit. With a market order, you can specify leverage and number of contracts; with limit order, you can also specify the order price on top of the above. A conditional order, in turn, is filled automatically once a specific trigger price is reached.

Passive income on Bybit


Passive income on Bybit is almost a fixed idea of the exchange itself. There is a ByFi Earn section for the fans of mining and staking. The following passive income options are offered:

  • Flexible staking
    Stable APY and low risks. The popular altcoins include DEVT, XYM and JASMI;

  • Dual asset investment
    A product with floating yield. Popular pairs include BIT-USDT, BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT. The APY for the specified pairs exceeds 200%;

  • DeFi mining
    A product with a low entry threshold – suitable for novice investors. The APY is from 11%;

  • Launchpool
    Adding tokens to staking subsequently getting free tokens. The profitability is daily.

In terms of passive income, Bybit has some truly interesting offers, which are hard to find among competitors.

Bybit Referral Program

Bybit has its own referral program, just like many other popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The key features include:

  • Unlimited number of reward cards;
  • $20 initial bonus;
  • A users gets reward cards for each referral, who reaches a new level of trading volume;
  • The maximum trading volume for getting bonuses – USD 5 million on derivatives and USD 1,250,000 on spot trading;
  • Bonuses are credited to the account within 5 days after verification of the referral.

Account opening on Bybit


The registration procedure on Bybit does not differ much from other cryptocurrency exchanges. You need to take traditional actions, which will take no more than 15 minutes. After basic registration, the trading features will not be available, as you will need to pass verification. There are the following pros and cons:

Registration takes 15 minutes
Minimum verification level is enough to start working
For withdrawal of funds, the company may require more detailed verification of identity under KYC

Residents of which countries can trade at the exchange

Bybit is designed for global trading, but not all jurisdictions work with the cryptocurrency exchange. Trading is prohibited in the US, mainland China, Singapore, Quebec, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Sevastopol and Sudan.

How to open an account on Bybit:
a step-by-step guide

A step-by-step registration algorithm:


Click Sign Up in the top right corner of Bybit website.

Bybit registrations

Provide your email, come up with a password and enter your referral code (if available).

Open an account on the Bybit exchange

You will receive a password confirmation letter to your email. Enter the confirmation on the Bybit website.

Confirmation of registration on the Bybit exchange

Click on the human silhouette and select Account and Security.

Setting up security on Bybit

Set up SMS authentication. You will need to enter your phone number.

Set up SMS authentication on Bybit

Allow authentication of the Google account. You will need to provide your email, where the confirmation password will be sent.

Confirmation of data on the Bybit

Minimum deposit

Bybit does not have a minimum deposit amount; you can deposit any amount to your account. Bybit supports over 50 types of coins for deposit. The transaction hash (TXID) must be verified and shown inside the blockchain.

Account types

Once you’ve verified your account, you will have access to important account features. Just as in case of other exchanges, Bybit has several levels of verification:

Level Withdrawal limit Specifics
Basic verification Daily limit - 50 BTC You need to confirm nationality, ID number and name
Proof of residence Daily limit - 100 BTC Provide proof of residence

In addition, there is a different type of verification on Bybit for corporate clients. It requires provision of company documents. The daily withdrawal limit, however, will not differ from the full verification level of the individual account (100 BTC). Only the account owner can pass verification.

Deposit and withdrawal on Bybit


As we’ve already mentioned, Bybit only works with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the key deposit instruments include the following:

  • BTC;
  • ETH;
  • BIT;
  • USDT;
  • LTC;
  • XRP;
  • EOS.

The exchange does not charge a deposit fee. On the other hand, there is a withdrawal fee. Its size depends on the number and type of cryptocurrency, which a trader plans to withdraw/transfer.

Despite that Bybit seriously focuses on working only with cryptocurrencies, the exchange supports deposits in fiat currencies. The method, however, cannot be considered an easy one, as it involves intermediaries. It is possible to perform transactions with fiat money through third-party service providers (MERCURYO, MoonPay, Legend Trading, BANXA). First, payments made in US dollars, Euro or other currencies (a total of 59) will be processed by the specified services and then will be credited to the user’s account.

Deposit and withdrawal options and processing time

Let’s review both deposit options in terms of processing time and fees in the table below:

Method Deposit/Withdrawal processing time Fee
Cryptocurrencies Within 10 minutes No
Fiat through service providers From 2 to 30 minutes Bybit does not charge a fee, but the service providers charge transaction fees
For transactions, Bybit only uses the information of the account. The exchange does not have access to bank cards and other details of users.

Bybit Trading Platforms


Bybit trading platforms practically do not differ from the platforms of other cryptocurrency platforms. The mobile app of the exchange is available both on iOS and Android. Here are the pros and cons:

Authorization by QR code
Full interface of the official website is available
One-touch trading with modern TP/SL tools
No version for iPad
Notifications only on large trades
There are issues with authentication, which only works every other time
Comparative table of features

Let’s review Bybit trading platforms and compare them to each other:

Web Mobile
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes
Time frame range From one minute to one month From one minute to one month
Order types Limit, Market, Conditional Basic selection of the official website
Quote history Yes Yes
Number of indicators There are hundreds – there is the TradingView chart There are hundreds – there is the TradingView chart
TradingView charts Yes Yes

The functionality of iOS and Android apps practically fully matches the features of the official website. Unfortunately, Bybit does not have a desktop version of its platform. You can find mentions of software for Windows and Mac online, but such software was developed by third parties without the support of the official team.

Trading platforms. Comparison with competitors

Here’s a summary of comparison of Bybit trading platforms with its competitors:

Bybit Huobi Binance
Web Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Desktop No Yes Yes

The score of the Android app on Google Play is 4.3, the iOS app – 3.8. Many users praise the quick operation of software, but some complain about poor adaptability and lack of interface support for tablets.

Bybit trading platform specs

The key specifications and features of the platforms available on Bybit:

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android. Support of Launchpool and flexible staking, reviews of popular and new pairs on the Markets page, quick deposits and transfers for spot trading, support for sending the chart for derivatives, support of deposits and transfers on the page for derivatives trading, support of the search of trading pairs with derivatives on the All Orders page.
  • Website. Maximum functionality. Everything that Bybit offers is available.

Analytics on Bybit


Bybit does not conduct full-fledged analysis and research. The cryptocurrency exchange is targeted primarily at active traders and miners. The specialists of the organization regularly publish latest ideas and articles on new financial instruments. Bybit Blog can be considered an analog of an analytical center, but without full-scale research.

Interesting articles on new instruments
There is no full-fledged analytics
Articles of the blog are mixed with ads

You can also learn about the plans and prospects of Bybit on its YouTube channel. Most videos are dedicated to events and meetings with traders.

Education on Bybit


The cryptocurrency exchange has a separate section called Bybit Learn, where you can find the latest news from the world of trading and cryptocurrencies. In addition, there are also articles for novice traders. The main page features the most popular articles about the operation of blockchain, altcoins, DeFi and trading.

Regular reviews about the latest novelties in the world of cryptocurrencies
Multilingual support
You can obtain basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies from professionals
Courses are available
No serious drawbacks were discovered. The cryptocurrency exchange did indeed do well with providing an educational base.

You can subscribe to Bybit learn and get notifications on the latest news and reviews.

Customer support on Bybit


Bybit boasts an extensive user support section. Help section features all required information, both for beginners and experienced traders. You can learn about new products, offers and promos of the exchange from this section.

Customer support service deserves special mention. To access it, you need to click on the headphones icon in the bottom right corner. Initially, a chat bot will try to answer your questions, but if the question is too complicated, a real employee will join. By the way, the operators respond very quickly; you won’t have to wait for longer than a minute. Every response is also accompanied by links to the corresponding sections of Bybit.

There is one nuance – if you “stay on the line for too long”, the operator will start ignoring requests and the user will be bounced back to the chat bot. Based on the author’s experience, you won’t be able to connect to an operator again.

Let’s review the pros and cons:

Multilingual support
The response comes within one minute
Only live chat is available
In some cases, there is a line of more than 10 users.

Notably, the responses in the live chat are provided for simple questions. If a user wants to learn something specific, he will have to use an email. That’s where we find another drawback – the responses to emails come within 24-48 hours, which is inadmissible for trading.

Communication channels

You can contact Bybit and check out the latest news on different platforms and social media:

Customer support languages

Customer support is available in several languages:

  • English.
  • Chinese.
  • Korean.
  • Russian.

Bybit Bonuses and Promo


In the Rewards Hub section, you can learn about all available bonuses:

  • USD 50 coupon for making the first deposit for an amount higher than USD 2,000.
  • Subscription to social media – USD 5 coupon.
  • Spot trading for over USD 5,000 – USD 5 coupon.
  • Derivatives trading for over USD 10,000 – USD 5 coupon.
  • Trading 7 days in a row – USD 5 coupon.
  • A deposit in a certain asset. Additional amount to the account up to USD 3,000 (depending on the asset).
  • Referral program – USD 20 for each referral.

Bonuses can be used as a margin for trading perpetual and futures contracts. The bonuses can be activated within 21 days by executing a trade in any perpetual or futures contract. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn. They are annulled when any asset is withdrawn.

Therefore, the majority of bonus opportunities are realized for users as coupons, which are strictly tied to the account.



Bybit clearly has not reached the market leaders yet, but it has attracted a large audience in a very short time. In just three years of operation, the exchange grew the number of its users to over 3 million. Despite the international nature of the audience, most of the users of the cryptocurrency exchange come from the EU and CIS countries. As it was already mentioned, Bybit does not operate in the US.

Bybit will certainly be liked by active traders of derivatives, as the platform charges low fees (there is even a bonus for the creator of an order in the form of negative fee) and very high liquidity. It is due to the extensive functionality of working with the derivatives market that the exchange has gained a large number of fans.

Also, it is worth highlighting the following benefits:

  • Focus on novice traders. The Help section is filled with guides.
  • 24h support.
  • No minimum deposit.

There are also some nuances. Some important information is available in private access – if a user wants to know more about the operation of the cryptocurrency exchange, he will have to wait for a response from customer support to email for a day.

Bybit is great for active traders and beginners, who want to give passive income a try. The ByFi Earn section offers truly unique options for mining, including flexible staking and a possibility to mine two types of cryptocurrencies at once. Traders have a lot of room for manipulations with perpetual contracts.


21 reviews
11 days ago
If you're interested in CopyTrading, always check the past performance of the trader you're considering. Past performance isn't a guarantee, but it's a good indicator.
Jeremy Arc
21 days ago
The interface is clean, making it easier for me to execute trades in between client meetings. It’s efficient and straightforward, just the way I like things to be.
59 days ago
As a lawyer, I'm used to navigating complex systems, but crypto is a whole new world. Bybit seems a good place to start, but there's so much to learn.
63 days ago
High-quality exchange with good for automated trading. I'm satisfied with its performance and would recommend it to fellow traders.
102 days ago
Bybit offers a clean and easy-to-use platform which I greatly appreciate. Their selection of trading pairs is decent and transaction speeds are relatively fast. Happy to be a customer.
120 days ago
Great review of Bybit! It was helpful to read about their perpetual contracts in depth. However, I would have appreciated more info on the fees involved. Keep up the good work!
187 days ago
Bybit is the exchange for the intuitive trader who thrives on excitement and adventure. Their platform is designed to provide a fast and thrilling trading experience, with a range of innovative features that keep me on the edge of my seat. As a rhetorical person, I appreciate the way that Bybit communicates with its users, inspiring us with their vision for the future of cryptocurrency. I am always excited to log onto Bybit and see what new opportunities await me. If you're looking for an exchange that will take your trading to the next level, Bybit is the way to go!
360 days ago
Great alternative to Binance. Much easier to use and set stop losses/ take profits. Never really experienced any issues. I am personally joining every single promo from the exchange to take the free sats. Thanks for all the rewards I’ve received and for keeping 0 fees for such a long time. Thanks to the team for their efforts and dedication and I highly appreciated the visionary thought of the projector.
360 days ago
I experience that feeling like there’s a kinda stealing strategy under bybit technology invisible to the lay eye. Their t&c built to minimize the chance of making profits but rather losing your balance. These are the most risky spots one can ever imagine. If you understand the market, can predict the near future and trading on any other platform you may win 51-100% (depending how good you are) or lose 1-49%. In Bybit, after a year of trading chances to get away with profits reducing to 15%. This exchange is built to reduce chances of making profit from your fair trade by creating multiple rules with underwater stones which you’ll never notice until suddenly hit them. They know you didn’t read their terms and conditions and they take advantage of this. Avoid their offered leverage trading as long as you can. It’s a trap for newbies who believe they can quickly and easily make money on this kind of trading. If you are not aware they’ll be waiting for your mistake.
361 days ago
There’s an impression that bybit uses deception tactics towards users. Looks like they manipulate the internal market, lots of bots work against traders. For an experienced trader it is easy to notice suspiciously quick price movements either it pulls back or pumps, stop loss triggered within the first 15 seconds of opening a trade. That feeling when the exchange moves against you as soon as you open a trade. Even when other exchanges list a price that goes with you. Not clear platform.
362 days ago
Experienced a very negative issue at this platform some time ago. My account was banned for no reason, I’m sure. They claimed that was due to terms of use violation...with no clear explanation...I simply tried to withdraw less than 100$ to an address I used to send to multiple times. They disabled the withdrawal function of my acc until I provided them with a video proof with my passport in hand. At least I got my money back on my address.
367 days ago
I’ve been trading with Bybit for the last 3 years and it’s been a great experience for me. Before Bybit, I traded on Binance, but they closed futures trading in the region I reside. The trading platform is even more stable than Binance, which occasionally became unresponsive with large volumes. The app works great and you can easily create additional accounts and transfer funds between them. I’m also a big user of their futures API, overall a fantastic replacement for Binance.
Susanne Ebner
368 days ago
We’ve been working with Bybit for 9 months now, so far so good in all aspects. Just that in P2P trading they have one freaky usdt seller who places ads for fun, never interested to complete the purchase transaction :)) Otherwise Bybit is a great platform.
371 days ago
Bybit has always been a reliable and trustworthy exchange. Customer service is prompt and attentive, you can talk to real people which is a rare phenomenon. They often have great promotions that encourage people to recommend bonuses to their friends. Excellent exchange all round and highly recommended.
Janneke Hovis
372 days ago
I believe that Bybit is the best broker for crypto trading. On many other platforms the spreads are quite large, but just not here. Here we’ve got standard, narrow spreads that allow you to comfortably trade, you can even scalp. That is why Bybit attracted me. I would even single it out as one of the top three crypto market leaders.
373 days ago
What I like about bybit is that there are no obscure fees. Many times I’ve come across a situation when you open a trading account, you trade or so and then the exchange charges you an additional commission, which is not indicated anywhere on the site. doesn’t try to make obscure profit from its customers.
377 days ago
Bybit is a crypto exchange with support for 280 cryptocurrencies and various trading instruments: spot, futures, options and Earn products for passive income. Recently the platform has set zero fees for takers, makers and grid bots on the spot. In honor of the registration of 10 mln users. Awesome!
379 days ago
The Bybit app is the best experience I’ve had, not only with crypto apps, but with apps in general. They have excellent communities, especially the Jewish community and great ambassadors, the support is great too, 24/7
379 days ago
The platform is pretty good, but the support is terrible; does not answer/help with questions; this part is better on all other exchanges where I have accounts.
380 days ago
The reason I love trading on Bybit is because it has a lot in common with Binance, as well as the overall look and performance. The trading fees are low but one of the features I love most about this exchange is its trading indicator. It was very clear, correct and informative in guiding traders on what steps to take. Pros: *It looks like Binance in many ways *The trading fees are cheaper *The exchange gives affiliate commission Cons: the coins listed are not as much as those on Binance
380 days ago
Secure & easy to use, ( support 100x leverage, stop loss, take profit, strategy alert, mutual insurance) deposit bonuses, big competitions, social bonuses, they have a daily trade volume of billions of dollars, they have 24/h active live chat.