KuCoin is consistently ranked among the top exchanges in the CoinMarketCap’s Top 10 centralized exchanges ranking. The exchange was launched in September 2017 in Hong Kong, and has now surpassed 8 millions of registered users, covering 207 countries and regions across the globe, according to KuCoin’s official website.

KuCoin has its own token (KCS) that provides a number of benefits (discounts for trading commission and other services of the exchange, an option to earn a profit simply for holding). The token is also ranked in the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies. A large number of trading pairs combined with high liquidity and relatively low commissions deservedly attracted attention of traders from all across the world. Let’s review the platform in more detail, its features and other goodies.

KuCoin site

Rating of KuCoin crypto exchange

Total score 9
Commissions 9
Security and regulation 9
Markets 10
Passive income 9
Deposit and withdrawal 8
Trading platform 9
Analytics 5
Education 8
Customer support 9
Bonuses 9

KuCoin pros and cons

Mandatory verification is not required (you can trade while remaining anonymous)
High speed of platform operation and high liquidity
A multitude of various professional tools for technical analysis
Low withdrawal fees (some coins can be withdrawn at zero fees)
Exchange’s own token, which offers additional bonuses in the form of trading discounts and lower commission, provides an opportunity to participate in voting and listings.
Over 800 trading pairs
Prompt update for new and experimental cryptocurrencies
Responsive customer support
Users complain about delays during conversion to fiat
Was hacked in 2020

Basic information

Name KuCoin
Exchange type Centralized
Regulation Hong Kong
Taker commission from 0.1% to 0.02%
Maker commission from 0.1% to -0.005%
Demo account No
Minimum deposit No
BTC withdrawal limits from 200 to 3,000 over 24 hours
USD withdrawal limits An amount equivalent (BTC 200) at the rate as of the time of withdrawal over 24 hours
Withdrawal in Fiat Not available
Time frame for account opening 10 seconds* (excluding the time for KYC review)
Leverage Up to 1:100
Markets 207 countries and regions
Passive income options Lending,
KCS Holding,
Referral program,
Promos and prize draws
Customer support languages 15 languages
Withdrawal fee Depends on the currency, zero withdrawal fee for some coins
Methods of deposit Bank cards, Banxa, Simples, BTC Direct, crypto transfers (over 70 payment methods are available for P2P transfers)
Methods of withdrawal Bank cards, crypto transfers (more than 70 methods are available for P2P transfers, although in reality everything is limited to the currently available offers)
Account currencies Only cryptocurrencies, but conversion of over 45 fiat currencies is supported
Promo Referral program, prize draws and special offers, updated KuCoin Media Kit
Author of the review
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams has been a trader and observer since 2019. She has written around 30 analytical articles on cryptocurrency rate dynamics, reviews of financial companies and large joint stock companies.

KuCoin commissions and fees


It is rather expected that a top-level exchange has an adequate level of commissions and a deliberate discount system in the form of a loyalty program for the holders of KuCoin Token KCS.

Initially, the whole 12-level fee schedule looks a bit too sophisticated and not very clear to understand, but it essentially comes down to two key points, which are calculated every time based on the information for the last 30 days.

  • KCS Holding amount over the last 30 days;
  • Trading volume over the last 30 days (in BTC);
  • Additional discount is provided for payments made in KCS (similarly to BNB on Binance).
KuCoin Fee Review

Overall, there is a strong similarity to BINANCE. The withdrawal fee and the minimum amount are fixed, but individual for each cryptocurrency.

For example:

Fee KuCoin Bitcoin
BitcoinBTC = 0.0004 BTC,
Fee KuCoin Monero
MoneroXMR = 0.001 XMR,
Fee KuCoin Ethereum
EthereumERC20 = 0.004 ETH,
Fee KuCoin Dogecoin
DogecoinDOGE = 20 DOGE,
Fee KuCoin Binance Chain Native Token
Binance Chain Native TokenBEP2 = 0.01 BNB.

You can view the list of conditions for each level here. Also there, using the search feature, you can quickly find the coin you are interested in by using the Deposit&Withdrawal Fee Rate tab.

KuCoin deposit fees overview

Here’s what we have on commissions and fees in general: no fee is charged on deposits, and there is a possibility for substantially reducing the expenses, regardless of the trading volume, by using KCS (on average -20%). If you are planning to trade large volumes or use high trading frequency, starting from LV5 Maker's commission becomes zero, and after reaching LV8 you receive a rebate – return of part of the transaction funds in the form of a negative commission.

Zero deposit fee
Additional discount on fees paid in KCS (an average of 20%)
A possible to receive a rebate
Payment of part of the funds withheld by the exchange to the users holding KCS
It is not possible to perform Fiat transactions directly

Trading commissions

Market Volume
Pay Fees
Spot <50 0 0,1%/
≥50 1000 0,09%/
≥200 10000 0,07%/
≥500 20000 0,05%/
≥1000 30000 0,03%/
≥2000 40000 0%/
≥4000 50000 0%/
≥8000 60000 0%/
≥15000 70000 -0,005%/
≥25000 80000 -0,005%/
≥40000 90000 -0,005%/
≥60000 100000 -0,005%/
≥80000 150000 -0,005%/
Futures <100 0 0,2%/
≥100 1000 0,015%/
≥400 10000 0,01%/
≥1000 20000 0,01%/
≥2000 30000 0,01%/
≥3000 40000 0%/
≥6000 50000 0%/
≥12000 60000 0%/
≥20000 70000 -0,003%/
≥40000 80000 -0,006%/
≥80000 90000 -0,009%/
≥120000 100000 -0,012%/
≥160000 150000 -0,015%/
Non-trading commissions and fees

Except for the deposit and withdrawal fees, we have not discovered anything unexpected.

Average commission compared to the competition

KuCoin Binance HTX (Huobi)
Taker 0.08% 0.06% 0.09%
Maker 0.02% 0.05% 0.08%

To be fair, KuCoin offers some of the best conditions for withdrawal of funds and cryptocurrency trading. Specific withdrawal conditions are determined by the currency you want to use for withdrawal, but the average fee is 0.1% of the amount, and if you are holding KCS on the account – a low 0.05%.

Margin lending

Everything is quite simple and clear about the margin. Also, bonuses are often awarded following registration. We got a $500 coupon at 0% interest for a term of two weeks. Interest is charged per each hour and in included in the total amount of debt, which is shown in the Liabilities box in the Margin Account:

KuCoin margin lending

For convenience, Debt Ratio is shown, updated every 5 seconds. When the debt ratio reaches 95% a user receives a warning (a text message and an email with the warning is sent depending on the security settings). When the debt ratio reaches 97%, a forced liquidation is triggered.

KuCoin reliability and regulation

Registration Seychelles
Founders Michael Gan and Johnny Lyu (CEO)
Owner Mek Global Limited

The exchange is not regulated by the official authorities.

Location of the resource in the jurisdiction of the Seychelles holds a number of benefits for the organizers as well as the users, but it’s not all so straightforward. The exchange is not regulated by the official authorities of major countries, which lowers the total score for reliability.

In terms of technical security, it is known that the exchange was developed in strict compliance with the standards of the financial industry. In simple words, data encryption and security is at the level of a bank. At the operational level, there are risk control units responsible for introduction and observance of the strict rules of data use.

The exchange guarantees the security of its clients’ assets by using autonomous cold servers. Additionally, the transactions must be confirmed on the independent secure hubs. According to the information provided by customer support, KuCoin storage combines several levels of encryption, escrow services and cold storage. Furthermore, the company never avoids passing regular audits.

Onchain Custodian, a provider of custody services for safekeeping cryptocurrency, works with KuCoin since spring 2020, and Lockton, one of the largest private insurance brokers, stand out among the official partners of the exchange responsible for security and safekeeping of the assets.

KuCoin Hack

On September 26, 2020, KuCoin suffered from hacker attack resulting in a heist of crypto assets in the amount of approximately $280 million (mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum). Upon gaining access to private keys to hot wallets, a hacker performed several quick transfers. As soon as the hack was discovered, deposits and withdrawals on the exchange were blocked and the funds remaining on the hot wallets were transferred to new ones, while the exchange continued to work. All in all, the cold wallets were not affected and over $200 million of the stolen amount was returned to the users within a month. The rest was covered by the insurance, as the exchange reported in February 2021.

Markets and products

Pros and cons of market diversity on KuCoin exchange
Large number of currency pairs
Up-to-date listing of new and even experimental coins
Free access from some countries, where other crypto exchanges are blocked (for example, Belarus)
High liquidity
Trading with Fiat is not available
There were cases of delisting of coins due to the bankruptcy of crypto startups.
KuCoin markets
KuCoin Binance HTX (Huobi)
Cryptocurrencies* 719 395 584
Trading pairs* 1343 1682 1135
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes
Etherium Yes Yes Yes
Altcoins Yes Yes Yes
and options
Yes Yes Yes
Cryptocurrency funds (a basket of cryptocurrencies in one lot) No No No
NFT Yes Yes Yes
*The information is current at the time of writing this review

Passive income on KuCoin

  • Bonus for holding KCS, the so-called cryptocurrency cashback. KuCoin was one of the first exchanges to introduce this method of ‘financial gratitude’ to its users. Inside the system, these rewards are called KuCoin Bonus. The bonus is paid once a day and its amount is proportionate to the number of KCS coins held in your account. Naturally, the more KCS coins you have on your deposit, the higher the bonus will be. The process is automatic and does not require any actions from the user, which is an added bonus. Important detail – the minimum number of coins on your account to be eligible for the bonus is 6 KCS.

  • Staking
    (POOL-X Earn) – thanks to a special algorithm, KuCoin users are now able to earn profit for holding their chosen cryptocurrency on their account. How to use it: Access POOL-X platform at POOL-X and choose the currency from the list. For each coin, the percentage of its yield from staking and the minimum volume required are specified. After deciding on the program, select (or buy at the exchange) and register the required number of coins. Pool-X also supports POL (Proof of Liquidity), which is a decentralized zero-reservation credit based on TRON’s TRC-20 protocol. This provides an opportunity to earn a bonus for holding coins and tokens (annual yield is up to 15%, while minimum deposits are extremely low).

  • Lending
    (KuCoin Lend) is a system of providing cryptocurrencies on a loan to other users. The key requirement is that the chosen asset should not be traded while it is put up for lending. The creditor earns a return depending on the interest rate after the borrower places an order for a credit. As for the benefits, there are no commissions and risks, while for most major cryptocurrencies the average annual return rate ranges from 8% to 12%. In terms of drawbacks, this section on the website does not have a Russian translation.

  • Referral program.
    Of course the platform supports a referral program to attract new users. And there is a special feature in it as well. There are three levels for an ordinary user; initially the exchange transfers part of its commission earned from the new user, who registered using a referral link (you can see your referral link by moving the cursor to the circle of your profile and choosing Referral Program from the pop-down menu). The user whose referral link was used is awarded up to 40$ of the commission paid by the referred user and those he refers.

    If you have a blog on social media with a rather large audience, you have a good chance of connecting to the program on special conditions, earning 50% of the commission. Most importantly, in the traditional referral program, the bonuses are awarded only for the first year of active trading of your referrals, while in this program, the bonuses will be paid without time limitations (in other words, for as long as the user your referred trades).

An interesting detail about KuCoin exchange

Looking at the daily trading volume of the exchange (at the time (the day) this article was being written it was nearly $2 billion), you can imagine rather large bonuses just for holding this coin in your wallet. However, you can find rather angry reviews of the “great mathematicians” online claiming that the “exchange scams everybody and steals our money”. It is all about the peculiarity of such a feature as rebate (negative commission, which is available at the exchange starting from LV8). If you go from viewing percentage directly to money, this type of bonus, which is received by a specific client for his trading transactions, is deducted from the total amount of commissions and fees. Though rebate is available only on the spot market, it is available to those clients who have VERY big trading volumes and can quite substantially impact the total amount of the commission collected by the exchange in terms of percentage. Therefore, purely mathematically, having only 24h trading volume, it is simply impossible to calculate the exact amount of the commissions and fees. Still, personally I like this approach, which some call a cashback analog from the crypto exchange. In any case, it really proves that the exchange addresses the needs of the users, which gives optimism and hope for further success of KuCoin Token and the KuCoin platform.

Account opening on KuCoin

Account opening on KuCoin
You can register and start trading cryptocurrency anonymously, without mandatory verification of your identity.
The exchange does not perform transactions with fiat money
You have to wait 24 hours after making changes to security settings

Residents of which countries can trade at KuCoin exchange?

The exchange is available in more than 200 countries across the globe, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, European countries, Australia and the U.S.. However, despite general availability in the U.S., there are no KYC services, which imposes a number of restrictions. Also, the platform does not work in New York since it does not have BitLicense. Therefore, if you are in the U.S. or another country with strict regulation of crypto exchanges, we recommend that you first clarify the actual status for your region and only then make the decision about how to register. Based on what we managed to find out, KuCoin is not available in Bolivia, Iraq, Cuba, and some other countries. Residents of the CIS all have access to the exchange.

How to open an account on KuCoin:
a step-by-step guide

The registration at the exchange is entirely online and does not require a lot of time. It comes down to several simple steps, specifically:


First open your email, which you will be using for the registration and then access the exchange’s official website:

Registration on the KuCoin exchange

Select your language, provide email address, come up and enter a complex password, made up from at least 10 symbols. You can link your phone right there, but it is not a mandatory action, which is currently available to mobile operators from 22 countries. In any case, you can always do it later in the Security Settings tab in your already registered account.

Opening an account on the KuCoin exchange

If the password turns out to be not complex enough, later you will see the following message:

KuCoin account

This means that you will have to repeat the entire procedure – getting the code sent to your email (+entering captcha) again. So make sure you come up with a good password right from the start.


Click on the Send Code button and then open the message in your email, and copy the code, which looks like this:

KuCoin Registration

Next, go back to our registration form, paste the code into the corresponding box and click on the Sign Up button!

Registration KuCoin

There, you’ve registered!
Usually, you will see a welcome message and an offer to get a bonus.

Account on the KuCoin exchange

As a bonus, we got a coupon for up to $500 at 0% for one week.

Bonus on the KuCoin exchange

This registration is enough to start trading, and if you add your phone number for SMS or Google Verification, you will be able to deposit/withdraw funds with some restrictions.

The website features a short video, with a simple video tutorial in English on how to pass KYC verification. Also, in the FAQ, there is a step-by-step guide. By the way, although support is available in 14 languages, it is certainly better to use English if you want to resolve your issues for sure. The requirements for the documents are rather standard and mine were accepted on the first attempt (for example on Binance I had to take photos of my documents and send them again, and a selfie more than 5 times, and every time I had to wait from 1 to 4 hours).

KYC Pros:
  • Increase of the daily withdrawal limit from 2 to 200 BTC;
  • Purchase of cryptocurrency with a credit/debit card;
  • Increase of leverage to 100x on futures trading.

The program consists of the basic verification KYC1 and extended verification KYC2. For KYC1 you need to provide your country of residence, First Name and Last Name, select the type of the document (foreign passport, ID card or driver’s license), specify its number, read and agree with the Guide for User Identity Verification.

For KYC2 you need to upload a photo of the front and back side of the ID document, a portrait photo of you and the document, and also a piece of paper with your signature, dynamic code and a handwritten date. Make sure that your face is clear and the information on your document is legible.

Minimum deposit

You need to keep in mind that KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange, which means that you cannot deposit fiat money to your account. However, you can use reliable instruments for purchasing cryptocurrency.

KuCoin Binance HTX (Huobi)
Minimum deposit $1 $1 (for trading Spot 10) $1 (for trading Spot 20)

Account types

The account type is determined by the account name.

Main Account
is exactly that – the main account used for holding, deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, payment of commissions (if you use KCS, that's where they will be) and P2P trading. Also the funds resulting from purchase of cryptocurrency with a debit/credit card and margin lending are credited to this account.

Trading Account
the assents from this account are mainly used for transactions in cryptocurrency spot trading;

Margin Account
as you can deduce from the name of the account, the assets on it are used for margin loan and margin trading. The tokens transferred here can be used for trading with leverage up to 10x;

Futures Account
is an account for trading futures. The cryptocurrency assets transferred here can be used for trading with leverage up to 100x. However, keep in mind that futures is a complex financial instrument and we recommend that the beginners refrain from using such contracts.

Pool-X Earn
is an account for staking.

Transfer of funds between your accounts is almost instant and commission free.

Deposit and withdrawal


In order to fund your account on KuCoin, you need to go to the Buy Cryptocurrency tab and select Debit/Credit card.

The interface is very simple, showing specific amounts, all commissions and fees included.

KuCoin account replenishment

The methods and channels of payment depend on the choice of your currency: for example for USD Visa/Mastercard, Apple Pay are available, and two channels: simplex and banxa.

Replenishment of the KuCoin USD account

At the same time, Visa/Mastercard, SEPA, Apple Pay, iDEAL, iDEAL, Giropay, SOFORT Banking, EPS via simplex, banxa and btcdirect channels are available for the EUR:

Replenishment of the KuCoin EUR account

The P2P method is also available in the Buy Cryptocurrency tab.

In order to use the P2P method, you need to take certain preliminary actions regarding verification of your account, otherwise you will get this message:

Replenishment of KuCoin USD account using P2P method

These actions can be performed right there in the P2P tab by selecting Payment Settings.

If you change your contact number, in order to ensure security of your account, the services of deposits to KuCoin and KuMEX will be temporarily unavailable for 24 hours after confirmation/change of the settings.

Deposit and withdrawal methods
Deposit/withdrawal method Fee (only withdrawal fee is charged) Time frame for deposit/withdrawal
Bitcoin 0.0005 BTC Usually 10 minutes, but depends on the volume and other factors*.
Ethereum 0.004 ETH Usually 10 minutes, but depends on the volume and other factors*.
Visa/Mastercard cards Depends on the currency Up to 30 minute
Electronic payment systems Wire transfer (SEPA)
Perfect Money
Skrill (Moneybookers)
Apple Pay,
Google Pay
Wire transfer
Up to 30 minute
Other methods, if any. P2P 15 minutes
* The exchange claims that transaction completion should not exceed 30 minutes, although there are complaints online that some people had to wait for more than 24 hours for their funds to be finally credited to their wallet.

Trading Platforms


The exchange does not have its Desktop app, but we gave high scores to the Web and Mobile versions. KuCoin exchange can be accessed through mobile apps for Android and iOS, while the web version worked well in all browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Iron, Opera and Vivaldi, regardless of the operating system.

Comparative table of features
Web Mobile Desktop
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes -
Time frame range 1, 3, 5, 15, 30 min;
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 hours;
1 day;
1 week
1, 5, 15, 30 min;
1, 2, 4, 8 hours;
1 day;
1 week
Order types Limit, Market, Stop Limit, Market Stop Limit, Market, Stop Limit, Market Stop -
Quote history Yes Yes -
Number of indicators Over 80 Over 80 -
Tradingview charts Yes Yes -
Trading platforms. Comparison with the competition
KuCoin Binance HTX (Huobi)
Web platform Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Desktop No Yes Yes



KuCoin trading platform is easy to use, while it has been developed taking into consideration all levels of cryptocurrency trading. The clients have access to the news section. Also, using the continuously growing community, you can always be up to date about the latest changes in the market, which directly or indirectly can impact cryptocurrency markets or KuCoin exchange. TradingView platform is available, and the current chart even on the mobile app can show over 80 different indicators.

Once you click on the News and Announcements you will see a conveniently structured section, which you can access regularly to stay up to date or to restore the chronology of events based on Logs.

KuCoin News and Announcements

There, you can view all events in the chronological order or sort by Stocks, New Coin Listing, Important Announcements, General News, Futures News, Pool-X News, DeFi News and more specific news.



KuCoin exchange has a rather developed community represented in different languages.

KuCoin Community

For example, YouTube channel features many short educational materials designed to help users understand the basic instruments and specifics of registration and operation of the platform. There is also an excellent Beginner’s Guide.

KuCoin Beginner's Guide

Customer support

Competent specialists
Quickness of responses
For some languages, it is highly likely that a machine translation is used, which can lead to the wrong understanding of the question or response
Communication channels

KuCoin provides 24h customer support for its clients by a competent team using the following communication channels:

  • Live chat on the website
  • Email
  • Ticket system

In addition, the number of participants on social media is growing steadily. At the moment, the following is available in Russian:

  • Telegram channel (Russian) – nearly 9,000 followers
  • Facebook group (Russian) – over 500 followers
  • Vk group – over 4,500 followers
  • YouTube channel – 14,500 subscribers

A good and rather detailed section of FAQ can also be added to the aforementioned list of the support the exchange provides.

KuCoin FAQ
Customer support languages:

Despite that the exchange claims to provide support in 15 languages, including Russian, Italian, French, Turkish and others, as you correspond with the support team you get a strong impression that the support uses machine translation. Therefore, I would recommend using exclusively English for these purposes. Other than that, the exchange is one of the platforms that enjoys rather frequent positive reviews about its customer support, which reacts quickly and competently in most cases.

Bonuses and promo


The exchange awards gifts to all new users at every stage: right after the registration, after activation of the trading account, opening of a margin account, etc. The bonuses are awarded individually. For example, after registration we got a coupon for margin crediting with a low interest rate - $500 at 0% for one week.

KuCoin Bonus Coupon

In addition, you can always see all available bonus offers after registration in the More tab, which features the pages of Prize Draws, Token Listing, Promos, Latest News and Announcements.

KuCoin Prize Draws



Summing up this review, I’d like to say that KuCoin is deservedly considered one of the TOP exchanges. It is very friendly to the beginners, providing prompts and reminders before all important actions and quickly reacting to the questions for customer support and giving pleasant bonuses. At the same time, low level of commission, excellent selection of instruments for analysis and general platform performance create beneficial conditions also for experienced traders.

Creators of the exchange work continuously to offer something new, also quickly adopting successful experiences of the competitors. High daily trading volume, a multitude of cryptocurrencies and the Coingecko trust score at 9/10 (September 2021) prove that KuCoin deserves the right to be among the leaders.

KuCoin was hacked in 2020 and therefore, there is an experience of how the exchange acts in this situation. Let me remind you that all users were returned the stolen funds (the majority of the stolen funds was found and returned to the exchange and the rest was covered by insurance). This makes the exchange one of the most reliable companies that protect you as a trader.


57 reviews
2 days ago
I'm into day trading, and KuCoin's interface is perfect for my needs. The mobile app is responsive, and I love the ability to set up complex trading bots. Their customer service is top-notch too - quick responses even during high-volume trading periods.
3 days ago
Working remotely, I faced challenges receiving payments from different countries. KuCoin became an excellent solution. I especially like the P2P exchange function. The convenient app allows me to monitor my balance and trade anytime.
4 days ago
I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Stockholm. KuCoin's user-friendly interface caught my eye, but it's their variety of altcoins that kept me. It's fascinating to invest in niche tech projects. The app's clean design is a plus for someone in my field!
4 days ago
KuCoin my favorite for small cap gems. So many new projects, good for early investor. Futures platform also nice, low fees. Only problem sometimes site slow during big volatility.
5 days ago
KuCoin very good for altcoins trading. Many choices, low fees. At first difficult to use, but after some days become easy. I recommend for serious crypto traders.
23 days ago
Great review! I am new to the world of cryptocurrencies and your article helped me understand how this exchange works. Thank you for the detailed explanation!
29 days ago
I liked how the article touched on transparency and the technological underpinnings of the exchange. But it would have been interesting to learn more about how the exchange is implementing the latest innovations in blockchain.
Alia Mulinari
38 days ago
KuCoin gates open a world of endless possibilities before us. Every time I log in to the platform, I feel new horizons rising in front of me. The convenience and intuitiveness of the interface, like a light breeze, lead me through the world of cryptocurrencies, filling my soul with inspiration.
48 days ago
Who would have thought, KuCoin became the first FIU compliant global crypto exchange in India, I still don't believe it
51 days ago
KuCoin recently became the first global crypto exchange to become Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) compliant in India. This is a great achievement that opens up new opportunities for users in India, including localized payment solutions and partner programs. This demonstrates KuCoin's commitment to expanding its influence and improving user experience in new markets
Lasly Gorck
60 days ago
Heh, KuCoin has been in the news due to allegations of violating anti-money laundering laws, which led to a massive withdrawal of user funds. Despite this, the exchange continues to operate and even announced a $10 million airdrop in BTC and KCS as a thank you for user support. If you are interested in exchanges with altcoin support, KuCoin is still one of the best options for you)
68 days ago
KuCoin is the perfect place for beginners and experienced traders who are looking for not only a user-friendly platform, but also unique opportunities to learn and grow.
Heidei Guri
71 days ago
The interface may seem complicated at first glance, but in fact it is easy to understand. Trading is very convenient. Commissions are among the lowest on the market. KuCoin is one of the Top exchanges, and that's for a reason!
78 days ago
KuCoin allows everyone, regardless of experience and capital, to join this exciting process. Yes, the platform may not be technically perfect, but it has a soul! Support is always ready to help, and numerous promotions and contests create a unique atmosphere of unity and drive. Together we are the power! Together we will change the world with KuCoin!
82 days ago
KuCoin is one of the top exchanges, and that's for good reason! There is a huge selection of coins, and there are many unique little-known projects. The interface may seem complicated at first glance, but in fact it is easy to understand. Trading is very convenient.
89 days ago
KuCoin is a cool exchange. The interface is simple and pretty. A lot of coins! In general, I am satisfied.
108 days ago
KuCoin is a solid choice, bros. The interface is intuitive, and they've got a nice selection of coins to trade. Fees are fair too. My only gripe is that their support team can be a bit slow to respond sometimes.
132 days ago
KuCoin's comprehensive offering and advanced features align with my strategic approach to trading. I appreciate the efficiency and depth of analysis possible here. However, the user interface could be more intuitive, catering to a more seamless integration of complex strategies.
146 days ago
Diving into KuCoin's myriad of options always fills me with a sense of adventure. The platform's robust features cater to my curiosity, though I sometimes find myself longing for a quieter, more streamlined experience amidst the excitement.
156 days ago
I appreciate the strict structure and order on KuCoin's platform, especially in terms of its security measures, which align with my need for control and reliability. However, I find the variety of options somewhat overwhelming at times, reflecting my preference for straightforward and decisive actions. The customer service has been efficient in my experience, which is crucial for my expectations of direct and immediate responses.
164 days ago
I appreciate KuCoin for its broad selection of crypto assets and advanced trading features. It's a platform that caters well to the needs of serious investors looking for depth in market analysis tools. While I find the security measures to be robust, the customer service experience leaves room for enhancement. Nevertheless, KuCoin remains a top choice for those prioritizing variety and trading capabilities.
Alice Morgan
174 days ago
KuCoin's response to the 2023 market's growth has been impressive. Their platform continues to offer a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, and their user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through market fluctuations.
George Wilson
175 days ago
KuCoin has shown great adaptability to the dynamic crypto market of 2023. Their extensive altcoin offerings and user-centric platform make it an attractive choice for diversifying crypto portfolios.
James Peterson
177 days ago
KuCoin's adaptability and responsiveness to the growing crypto market have been impressive. The platform offers a substantial range of altcoins, making it a treasure trove for diversifying investments in this bullish market.
Michael Peterson
183 days ago
KuCoin's response to the expanding crypto market, particularly in altcoin diversity, is impressive. Their platform's ease of use allows both new and seasoned traders to effectively navigate and benefit from the market's growth.
Alex Reed
190 days ago
KuCoin's response to the growing crypto market, especially in offering a diverse range of altcoins, is impressive. The platform's user-friendly nature makes it easy to take advantage of the market's upward trend.
Lisa Thompson
194 days ago
Considering the overall growth in the crypto market's capitalization, I'm impressed with the opportunities KuCoin provides. The platform offers a wide range of altcoins, allowing me to diversify my portfolio and leverage the current market trend.
Elizabeth Johnson
200 days ago
The platform is user-friendly and has a helpful community. However, customer support response can be slow at times. KuCoin is a great exchange with low fees and a wide selection of coins.
210 days ago
KuCoin is my go-to on my travels. Offers flexibility and variety, though the mobile app sometimes lags. Perfect for those who live a digital nomad lifestyle.
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Diving into KuCoin, I'm like a kid in a candy store! Love the variety of coins, though sometimes it gets a bit techy. Overall, a solid platform for geeks like me.
Emily Roberts
216 days ago
KuCoin is fantastic for its wide range of cryptocurrencies and user-friendly trading tools. It suits both beginners and advanced traders, though there are occasional technical glitches.
217 days ago
The user experience on this platform is top-notch. I find their dashboard intuitive and the analytics tools extremely helpful for making informed trading decisions.
Michael Thompson
239 days ago
KuCoin's platform showcases an impressive array of analytical tools, offering deep insights into the volatile crypto market. Ideal for data-driven trading strategies. Definitely a go-to resource for any serious trader or analyst.
Salu Mann
240 days ago
Mobile app is convenient to check prices on the go. I'm pleased with this exchange for altcoin trading. I was searching for an exchange with low fees to buy altcoins and KuCoin turned out just great. The variety of trading pairs is impressive, many small cap gems are listed here. I managed to get some promising DeFi and metaverse tokens for my portfolio. withdrawals are fast and fees are low.
251 days ago
The exploration of KuCoin's ecosystem reveals a lacuna in the integration of ethical trading practices. Emphasizing on transparency and fair trading protocols could substantially elevate their stature in the crypto community.&quot;
256 days ago
In perusing the annals of crypto exchanges, one may bypass lengthy discourses such as the KuCoin review. Yet, questions persist: Does the 'People’s Exchange' moniker signify a truly democratized platform?
Sarah O'Donnell
262 days ago
KuCoin is truly an international exchange. The diversity of coins and trading pairs, combined with an intuitive design, makes it a top choice for me.
266 days ago
My retirement days are enlightened by exploring the realms of cryptocurrencies on KuCoin. The user-friendly interface makes it easier, even for a person from a non-tech-savvy generation like mine.
Tommy Larson
269 days ago
Code and cryptocurrencies are my passion, and KuCoin is like an open-source project, always evolving and adapting with a community that feels like a developers’ forum.
307 days ago
Always check KuCoin's &quot;Spotlight&quot; for new token launches. You can often find hidden gems there. Just remember, high rewards come with high risks.
Steve Loreno
337 days ago
As a finance major, I see KuCoin as a real-world laboratory where I can test theories I've learned in class. It's challenging and enlightening at the same time.
Mariam Lira
351 days ago
As a housewife, I find the world of crypto intriguing. KuCoin seems user-friendly but there's a steep learning curve.
360 days ago
I'm so glad I found this review! I was considering signing up for KuCoin, but now I'm not sure if it's the right choice for me.
John Smith
485 days ago
I've been using KuCoin for a few months now and I'm really impressed with the platform. It's so user-friendly and practical - I never have any trouble navigating or finding what I need. I love learning about new cryptocurrencies and the information on KuCoin is always up-to-date and informative. I appreciate that the platform is constantly improving and adding new features, it really shows that the team cares about its users. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my experience on KuCoin and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use exchange.
661 days ago
The thing is that they continue to unlawfully hold customers’ margin assets hostage for a week now. They affirm they warned people that this could happen at the merge but what they did not tell is how long the hold will last. This is wrong. The exchange continues to tickle users’ ears asking to &quot;be patient&quot; yet unless users have the ETHW they can’t unfreeze their funds. And Kucoin gives no timeframe for this so is holding people’s funds indefinitely. This is immoral and illegal.
Roy Lister
662 days ago
Great professional and huge potential platform. Love its fast growing community. I’m a convinced hodler and staker and the exchange provides me with everything I need. It would be nice if KuCoin brought back staking LUNC on exchange, I got a few million to stake :)
663 days ago
Truly saying I’ve experienced zero issues with Kucoin exchange and I don’t understand where these dissatisfied people are coming from. Those complaining about kyc and large amounts being held should have read their policy ahead of time: no kyc required for accounts under 10k. The Kucoin performance is still better than the other exchanges. Reliable and trustworthy platform.
664 days ago
Worst customer service I have ever had, imho. Two months I’ve been trying to access my blocked account. I’ve sent literally over 15 emails that have been either mostly ignored or the same answer a week later asking for the same information I have now sent about 7 times. Lol!!! I’m out of pocket $2500 because of this. Absolutely abnormal behavior, nothing more than thieves! No excuse at all for taking so much time and still no reply or even real engagement.
664 days ago
An excellent exchange to my mind. Easy interface, good mobile app, strong security, a large variety of coins/tokens to choose from. I’m a UK customer and happy with those decent derivatives and futures that do work, unlike other regulated exchanges which have to comply with bloody UK legislations. Cons: * fiat transfer to and from is expensive * had issues with crypto transfer due to maintenance, had to wait few days until they’d been resolved
665 days ago
I’ve been using Kucoin for over a year now and its service is better than other exchanges in the crypto market that I have used. There were some insignificant problems, but mostly with pending withdrawals, which were also resolved within a day or two. I think Kucoin is a great starter exchange for noobs.
672 days ago
What I like about this platform is the spot trading, KuCoin allows you to exchange 200+ tokens and cryptocurrencies with a fairly low fee. But technical support is not too good. And this is the only exchange that consistently has phishing websites at the top of google, above the official page.
Jolanta K.
672 days ago
I did one transaction. Then the account has been locked. They stated irregular activity on my account from one transaction, lol! I gave KYC information but still that wasn’t enough. Asked me to email personal data to them. I refused and decided to close my account. Support service made me feel like I was a criminal, which I'm not. Will never use it again, emailed them to close my acc.
674 days ago
What I like about Kucoin is the variety of tokens, ease of registration, and low KYC requirements for using cryptocurrency. Access to bots is a plus. And I really dislike the ads there, annoying and too flashy.
d. racheed
675 days ago
Simple and one of the best UI dealing with exchange of btc, eth, sol, dot etc. Simple and easy registration process as well as crypto buy process. Poor customer support, slow withdrawal process.
677 days ago
I’m an active user on Kucoin just because of low trading fees when compared to other major exchanges. Also they have great daily bonuses there. I want to add: beware of scammers using the Kucoin trademark to run a phishing website to steal Kucoin user credentials.
677 days ago
I often trade here. In general, a good exchange, excellent interface. At first glance, it is a bit unclear, but you need to get used to it. Liquidity on the main coins is just excellent, which allows you to work on a large scale. But the support is sometimes dull, you have to wait for answers.
bottom line
680 days ago
I’m sure that both professionals and beginners can earn money on KuCoin. The latter are only not recommended to overestimate their own abilities, stay away from margin trade. Spot deals are also good even with minimum knowledge.