Poloniex was established in 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta. For a long time, the cryptocurrency exchange (better known to traders as Polo) was considered a popular platform for altcoins. However, now it is a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange, offering access to 283 assets that form 435 currency pairs (source: ). The exchange offers rather enticing conditions for trading digital coins, which helped it attract a huge number of traders from all around the world.

Poloniex Crypto Exchange

Poloniex Rating

Total score 7,7
Commissions 9
Security and regulation 7
Markets 9
Passive income 8
Deposit and withdrawal 8
Trading platforms 9
Analytics 8
Education 6
Customer support 7
Bonuses 6

Poloniex Pros and Cons

Low fees
Wide selection of cryptocurrencies
Quick user verification
No deposit fee
Several security levels
User-friendly mobile app
Analytical data and news
No fiat assets
Referral program is active only for 180 days
Withdrawal fees form directly when you place a withdrawal request

Basic information

Name Poloniex
Exchange type Centralized
Regulation No
Taker’s fee 0.155%-0.1%, depending on 30-day trading volume
Maker’s fee 0.145%-0.02%, depending on 30-day trading volume
Demo account No
Minimum deposit There are minimum deposit requirements only for certain assets (ETC, LSK, NXT)
BTC withdrawal limits Depend on the verification level
USD withdrawal limits Depend on the verification level, however, a USD withdrawal can be requested only in cryptocurrency (USDT), and received in fiat to a bank account/card
Withdrawal in Fiat Trading and withdrawal in fiat are not available on the platform
Time frame for account opening Registration takes around 10 minutes. Verification takes up to 36 hours depending on the congestion of the system
Leverage 2.5x for spot trading and up to 100x – for futures
Markets 435
Passive income options Staking, margin lending
Customer support languages English, Chinese
Withdrawal fee Calculated individually for each asset
Deposit methods Cryptocurrencies, debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, a bank account at Simple Bank
Withdrawal methods Cryptocurrencies to external wallets debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, a bank account at Simple Bank
Account currencies Popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETN, USDT)
Promo Referral program
Author of the review
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams has been a trader and observer since 2019. She has written around 30 analytical articles on cryptocurrency price performance reviews of financial companies and large joint stock companies.

Commissions and fees


The exchange has a rather clear system of commissions and fees, with their size decreasing as the 30-day trading volume increases. The fees also depend on the number of tokens held in the account. The exchange also has three categories of users (Silver, Gold and Market Maker), and there are special conditions on payment of fees for them. One of the key features is that a trader pays lower fees if his 30-day trading volume increases. Let’s take a closer look at everything.

Low fees compared to competitors
Fees are lower with increased trading volume
No deposit fee
There is no gradation of fees for futures trading

Trading fees

Starting from spring 2016, the platform introduced standard fees on transactions of purchase and sale of assets. There is a total of 6 tiers of fees for ordinary users and 2 for the most active traders.

The fee may be reduced as the trading volume increases. The 30-day trading volume is calculated every 24 hours. This allows the service to effectively calculate the fee amount for each user, taking into account the 30-day trading volume. Also, the TRX balance is taken into account.

Market 30-day trading volume TRX Balance Maker Taker
Spot Less than $50 000 Less than $49 0.145% 0.155%
Less than $50 000 More than $49 0.115% 0.125%
$50 000 – $1 000 000 N/A 0.105% 0.12%
$1 000 000 – $10 000 000 N/A 0.07% 0.115%
$10 000 000 – $50 000 000 N/A 0.05% 0.11%
More than $50 000 000 N/A 0.02% 0.1%
Silver 0.0% 0.06%
Gold 0.0% 0.04%
Market maker Custom fees are set up for Market Makers Custom fees are set up for Market Makers
Futures 0.01% 0.075%

There are special fees for Poloniex Silver and Poloniex Gold users (this is a VIP category of traders with high trading volumes). You can be assigned one of the levels by sending an application to the customer support. You will need to submit your application and wait for it to be considered.

Traders are also charged with lower fees when paying with TRX tokens. You can review the fees in detail in the Fees section at the exchange.

Non-trading fees

Non-trading fees include the withdrawal fee. It is a fixed amount calculated individually for each asset. Additionally, the blockchain fee is calculated for the performance of the transaction. The blockchain fee depends on the network congestion and the transaction amount.

The deposit fee is not charged. It is a way to encourage traders and create comfortable conditions for trading at the exchange.

Average commission compared to competitors

Poloniex Binance HTX (Huobi)
Taker 0.1% 0.06% 0.09%
Maker 0.06% 0.05% 0.08%

One trading plan is available to traders at the exchange, with initial Maker’s fee at 0.145%, Taker’s fee – 0.155%. Taking into account that the fees can be reduced with increased 30-day trading volume, a conclusion can be made that Poloniex offers rather good conditions. Compared to the offers of the competitors, they are at the same level or even better.

Margin lending

Margin lending is available at the exchange. The maximum leverage in the spot is 2.5x. In order to start trading, you need to transfer digital coins to a separate margin account. Note that the initial margin at the trading platform is 40%. This means that in order to get a 10 BTC loan, you need to have at least 4 coins in your account.

In order to open an order with leverage, you need to:

  • Specify the price of the chosen position in the Price line;
  • Specify the number of coins you’d like to buy in the Amount line.

Next, you need to set the Loan Rate, i.e. the maximum interest rate for the use of borrowed funds. This criterion is set by the trader. If the specified information coincides with the offers provided by the exchange, the trade will be moved to the Loan Demands column (Loading section).

Using margin lending, the users of the exchange can open a long or short position. The first one is used to earn money from the growth of assets. In other words, a trader opens a Long trade. The cryptocurrency is credited to his balance, and when its price increases, he can sell it and earn a profit.

Shorting (short sales) is another very popular method of earning a profit at an exchange. In this case, you open a position only if you expect the price of an asset to drop soon. The assets are purchased from a broker at one price, and the position then closes at a lower price. Then, the borrowed funds are returned, and the trader earns a profit.

Notably, margin lending is available only to users with the second level of verification, both in the spot and futures markets.

Reliability and regulation


The exchange was established in 2014. Initially, this was a project exclusively for the US market. However, within a rather short period of time, the service became popular among traders all around the world. In 2018, Circle, a company where TRON founder Justin Sun is an investor, bought the platform.

In 2019, the management of the exchange announced its exit from the US market. At around the same time, the prohibition to provide services to the US users appeared. At the moment, there is no information about the registration of the legal entity of the company as well as the license in open sources. The operators of the customer support of the exchange claim that the operation is regulated by a special authority in Panama, and the offices of the companies are located all around the world.

In the entire history of the platform, the exchange suffered from several major hacker attacks. The hack in 2017 was particularly successful: the hackers managed to steal around 12.3% of Bitcoins in the user wallets. Right after the incident, the platform introduced continuous audits of the trading process, and increased the security of the servers that serve the clients. Also the method of user data processing was changed. In addition, mandatory verification that was introduced later was also one of the steps to strengthen security.

Interestingly, the exchange fully accepted the liability to compensate for the lost money. This resulted in a short-time increase of the fees. Experts point that the hack could have led to the bankruptcy of the platform. However, to avoid that, a decision was made to freeze 12.3% of user Bitcoins. Thanks to this, the company remained afloat.

Later on, there was a hacker attack in 2018 and the latest DDos attack happened in 2020. However, both attempts to steal user data were prevented.

At the moment, the exchange can be considered comparatively safe. Its level of security is supported by the fact that the latest attempts at hacking the exchange were unsuccessful. The platform uses different methods to protect user accounts:

  • Protection against DDos attacks and DNS protocols which is based on a cryptographic signature;
  • Several levels of security system that provide protection against the penetration of robots;
  • Most user tokens are stored in cold wallets.

The platform also employs two-factor authentication, session journal, confirmation of authorization by email and blocking of IP addresses.

On one hand, Poloniex is a popular service that allows a huge number of users to trade digital assets. It offers a wide selection of tokens, low fees and a possibility to use borrowed funds. On the other hand, the platform does not have a license with any reputable regulator, which means that the service operates outside the traditional financial system (because of that exclusively digital assets are available at the exchange). There are no guarantees of the safety of personal data, but the hacker attacks incidents and quick solution of the issues in the past confirm that the exchange values its clients.

Markets and products


The exchange offers a wide range of various assets, which are conveniently structured by categories: spot, futures, altcoins and De-Fi tokens. A huge number of instruments and assets can ensure comfortable trading. Also, in addition to direct token purchase/sale transactions, traders can use passive income options, which include staking, margin lending and a referral program.

Pros and cons of market diversity on Poloniex
Wide selection of cryptocurrencies, altcoins, De-Fi tokens
Currency pairs are conveniently structured by the base token
Transactions with fiat are not possible
Liquidity in the majority of instruments is lower than what the top cryptocurrency exchanges have
Poloniex markets
Poloniex Binance HTX (Huobi)
Cryptocurrencies* 309 395 584
Trading pairs* 473 1682 1135
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes
Etherium Yes Yes Yes
Altcoins Yes Yes Yes
and options
Yes Yes Yes
Cryptocurrency funds (a basket of cryptocurrencies in one lot) No No No
NFT Yes Yes Yes
*The information is current at the time of writing this review
Cryptocurrencies (spot)

There are 283 digital assets at the exchange, including the most popular cryptocurrencies and less popular assets. The platform provides access to altcoins and a rather large number of tokens of decentralized finance services (De-Fi). The number of the latter is growing continuously.

The most popular among traders are ELON, FORTH, DEGO, YFI, ADD, API3, REEF and UMA. They are mostly used for the exchange between users without the involvement of a third party, diversification of the trading portfolio and for providing loans to other traders.

The platform also has stablecoins. The most popular one is the asset of the mother company Circle – USD Coin (USDC).

Cryptocurrencies on the Poloniex exchange
Cryptocurrencies (futures)

In 2020, the exchange launched futures trading. At the moment, traders have access to perpetual BTC and USDT contracts. Notably, there is a fixed trading fee for this category of assets and a leverage of 100x. At the moment, there are contracts on over 20 coins available at the exchange.

Passive income on Poloniex


In addition to direct sales, users can choose from several passive income options. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Staking
    The exchange offers Cosmos (ATOM), TRON (TRX), BitTorrent (BTT) tokens for staking. This option is available to any registered user. The yield for each staking category is different and is credited daily.
    At that, 25% of the payout is deducted as a fee to cover the risks. The earned profit can be withdrawn at any time (without any losses). You can learn more details about this passive income option by contacting customer support of the exchange.

  • Margin lending
    Margin lending is another way to earn passive income. If you have tokens in your account, which you don’t plan to use soon, you can lend them and earn additional income.
    You decide on the interest rate at which you are prepared to provide funds to other users. Note that at the stage of formation of the offer, you specify the highest rate. After that the offer is moved to the field of view of potential borrowers. During periods of particularly active trading, it is possible to issue several loans at once during the day.
    However, do not forget that the exchange will charge a fee in the amount of 15% of the funds earned by financing other users. At the moment, margin lending is available for 16 digital coins, but soon the selection is expected to grow.

Account opening on Poloniex


In order to start trading at Poloniex, you need to register and pass verification. Overall, it may take up to 36 hours provided that you’ve observed all the rules and recommendations and depending on the system congestion.

Account opening on Poloniex
There are minimum deposit requirements only for three assets
Registration and identity verification is simple and clear
The exchange has two levels of verification
Prolonged verification procedure

Residents of which countries can trade at the exchange

Registration and trading spot assets at the exchange is currently prohibited to the citizens and residents of Crimea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Also, any activity on the platform is prohibited for residents of mainland China, the USA and US territories (such as the Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and Guam).

Trading perpetual contracts (futures) is not available for citizens and residents of Belarus, Burma, Mali, Somalia, Zimbabwe.

If during registration, you receive a notification that you cannot trade on the platform, although you are living in an ‘allowed’ country, you need to contact customer support of the exchange by email. Verification will be performed manually.

How to open an account on Poloniex:
a step-by-step guide

There are no special requirements for the registration; the procedure is very similar to the way you register on other exchanges. Let’s take a closer look at it.


First, open the homepage of the exchange and select your preferred language in the top right corner, then click Sign Up.

Registration on the Poloniex exchange

Next, fill out the form, providing your first name, last name, country, date of birth and your email. Next, come up with a password (at least 8 characters). It is recommended that you choose a combination of numbers, letters and signs. This way, the account password will be strong and reliable.

Opening an account on the Poloniex exchange

Check the information you’ve entered, confirm that you are not a robot and click Sign Up.


Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you will receive a letter with a link to your email. This is required for your email verification. Follow the link and you will access your Personal Account.

At this stage, the creation of a new account is completed.

Next, we recommend that you fill out a user profile, specify the city of residence (with the postcode and address) and also your phone number.

The interface of the Personal Account is rather simple, but has all required features and sections.

Verification procedure

When the exchange first appeared in the market, the personal verification procedure was optional; it was required only if a user wanted to withdraw more than USD 2,000 per day from the account. However, after multiple hacker attacks, the management of the exchange decided to make verification a mandatory step for user registration. Since May 2018, every user must pass KYC before starting to trade at the exchange.

Users, who were registered before that date, also had to pass verification using a special internal form; otherwise, a trader received a warning and then user accounts were frozen and personal accounts were blocked.

The exchange has two levels of verification. The first level of verification is available right after confirmation of the email.

In order to pass verification of 2 level, you need to take the following steps:

  • Go to your Personal Account and select the corresponding section;
  • In the questionnaire, provide your country of residence;
  • Attach a high-quality photo or a scanned copy of the identity documents (it can be a passport, foreign passport, driver’s license);
  • Upload a photo holding the document in your hand (it is important that your face is visible).

There are pop-up prompts to help you with the entire procedure. After you’ve uploaded the files, you need to click Save. Your data will be sent for processing. Verification takes from 2-3 to 36 hours. Afterwards, you receive a notification confirming that you’ve successfully passed verification. In case of any issues, the system will request additional documents for proof of identity. This, however, happens extremely rarely.

We compiled a table to show the key differences between the verification levels.

Level 1 Level 2
Spot trading Unlimited Unlimited
Futures trading Unlimited Unlimited
Deposits Unlimited Unlimited
Withdrawal limits $10,000 (in cryptocurrency equivalent) $500,000 (in cryptocurrency equivalent)
Withdrawal limits after passing 2FA $500,000 (in cryptocurrency equivalent) $1,000,000 (in cryptocurrency equivalent)
Margin trading - +
Manual password reset - +
Access recovery through 2FA - +

Two-factor authentication

To maximize the security of user accounts, the exchange offers you to pass two-factor authentication. This involves logging into your account with your Google account or API key. You can activate this feature in your personal account, in the TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION tab (it is shown as ‘disabled’ immediately after registration).

Two-factor authentication Poloniex

Minimum deposit

Poloniex Binance HTX (Huobi)
Minimum deposit No $1 (for trading Spot 10) $1 (for trading Spot 20)
* At the moment, the exchange does not require a minimum deposit (with the exception of three assets – ETC, LSK, NXT). Users can start trading on the platform with any amount.

Account types

There is only one trading account that opens right after registration. However, there are several wallets for convenience – for trading, margin lending, and staking.

This allows you to quickly distribute funds and not get confused when making transactions.

Deposit and withdrawal


Users of the platform can make deposits with debit/credit cards, separate accounts with a transfer and also through crediting digital assets from wallets. This is rather convenient.

Taking into account that there are no fiat transactions on the platform, when a deposit is made, the funds are immediately converted into the chosen cryptocurrency and credited as digital coins to the account. The same mechanism is used for withdrawals – a user registers a request in cryptocurrency, and gets fiat money to his bank account.

No deposit fee
Quick account replenishment transactions
No fiat
Withdrawal fees are calculated during placement of the request; they are individual for each asset
Deposit and withdrawal options and processing time
Deposit/withdrawal method Fee Deposit/withdrawal processing time
Bitcoin There is no deposit fee; withdrawal fee is calculated when the request is submitted From several minutes to 2-3 hours depending on the system congestion
Ethereum There is no deposit fee; withdrawal fee is calculated when the request is submitted From several minutes to 2-3 hours depending on the system congestion
Debit/credit cards, accounts There is no deposit fee; withdrawal fee is calculated when the request is submitted + the fee for conversion of the asset into fiat and back. Also the bank may charge a fee for transfer (for deposits) From several minutes to 2-3 hours depending on the system congestion and specifics of the bank of the recipient
* The platform offers a generally standard set of payment systems, including cryptocurrency transfers and transactions with debit/credit cards. Users also have access to transfers from a bank account at Simplex Bank. In this case, you will have to pay a fee of $10 per transaction, or 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Trading platforms


You can trade at the exchange directly from the website or by downloading the platform’s mobile app. Both options offer users a rather convenient service with a full range of required instruments.

Pros and cons
Tradingview charts are available
The required choice of orders is available

The cryptocurrency exchange has a convenient interface, where all features are ‘in the right places’. It may seem a bit difficult to novice traders, but the platform is generally very good. Another advantage is that the mobile version uses similar features and the chart is built on TradingView. Therefore, you can set it up using the most comfortable indicators or other market analysis tools.

Trading platform on Poloniex

Below the chart are placement windows for orders (buy, limit and sell). The Trollbox Poloniex can be opened on the side. It is essentially a general chat where you can communicate with other traders while trading.

At the moment, traders can use the following orders:

  • Buy.
  • Sell.
  • Stop Limit.

At first glance, it may seem that it is not enough. However, these are the key instruments that can provide you with comfortable trading provided you use them right.

Also, in the course of trading, information about orders is available to users. You need to access the ORDERS menu. It has two sections. The first one is the orders and the second is the history of buy/sell orders for a certain period of time (usually for the last few hours).

The Stop Limit order is another advantage of the exchange. Thanks to this order, traders can protect their position, without risking losing the entire deposit at once.

Comparative table of features
Web Mobile
Two-factor authentication + +
Order types Buy, Sell, Stop Limit Buy, Sell, Stop Limit
Quote history + +
Tradingview charts + +
Trading platforms. Comparison with competitors
Poloniex Binance HTX (Huobi)
Web Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Desktop No Yes Yes
Web platform of Poloniex

The official website of the exchange is simple and user-friendly. The top panel has all main sections. The instruments for market analysis and placement of orders are conveniently placed throughout the platform.

The footer of the website features the list of main sections, where a user can learn about the commissions and fees, visit the support page or open the company’s blog.

Mobile platform of Poloniex

Despite the fact that the web interface of the platform is adapted for mobile devices, it is easier to work through the app. The application of the exchange is available for Android and iOS devices.

The latest version of the app fully repeats the set of features of the website. Therefore, you can monitor the market and buy and sell without using your PC.

Notably, in order to trade through the app, you will need to generate an API key in the browser. This is a mandatory condition that provides additional security for your account.


There is a link to the blog of the cryptocurrency exchange on the website. The blog features a huge number of interesting, and most importantly, informative materials about the latest market trends, as well as latest news. Thanks to the convenient heading and filter system (on the Archive page), you can quickly find the required information and review it. There is also a Search bar.

Overall, the blog is a kind of symbiosis of analytical educational materials and a news digest. New materials are published regularly to keep you up to date on the events.



There is no dedicated educational platform at the exchange. However, there is a rather extensive Poloniex Support section featuring a huge number of guides on how to use the platform.

Educational materials are also featured in the blog.

Education on Poloniex

If you have any questions while trading, you can contact customer support and receive a link to the response and specific information.

Detailed guides on the Support pages
No separate platform

Customer support


The exchange has a big support center, where you can find answers to your questions.

Users can also contact a chat bot or send a ticket to an email.

When we were writing this review, we made several requests to the customer support and received answers to practically all of them. It is rather convenient that you can form a ticket with the question directly on the trading platform, through the chat bot. The response will appear in the corresponding window and will also be sent to your email. If necessary, you can review the response once again in your mail.

Several ways to contact the support
Quick responses
Limited choice of support languages
Communication channels

There are several ways to contact customer support:

  • Ticket support.
  • Trollbox (by addressing the administrator of the chat).
  • Chat bot.
  • Email –

Support by phone is currently unavailable.

Customer support languages

Customer support is available in English. However, you can choose a language (English, Chinese or Russian) on the support page to review the information.

The responses to tickets sent to your email are in English, while the correspondence in the chat bot automatically switches to the user's language. This means that if the question was asked in Italian, the response will also be translated into Italian.

Bonuses and promo


The exchange offers a Referral program. Under its conditions, a user who signed up on the platform using a referral code will get a 10% trading fee rebate. At the same time, the ‘owner’ of the referral code will receive 20% of the trading fees paid by the new user. The referral program is valid for 18- days or until the user account balance reaches USD 5,000.



Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange survived the difficult period of hacker attacks and user data theft almost right after it was established. Nonetheless, the management of the platform managed to quickly fix all issues and create a safe space for trading cryptocurrencies. Today, traders from all around the world use the platform.

Definite advantages of the exchange include low fees, wide selection of assets and user-friendly trading platform. A simple interface makes the service popular among novice traders, who are making their first steps in the digital asset market. Active traders, however, need to take into consideration that the second-level instruments on this exchange have low liquidity. If you want to trade such coins actively, it is better to choose an exchange among the leaders by trading volumes.

The service might not have a centralized license for this type of activity, but the platform has an internal regulation and several levels of security in place.

Summing up, the service can be rightly given a score above average. Having analyzed the main aspects, one can say that both beginners and experienced traders can work with this exchange.


44 reviews
Sergey Sas
Poloniex is a decent choice for those prioritizing functionality over frills. The interface is straightforward, albeit a bit dated. Coin selection is adequate, though not exhaustive. Fees are within market range, and withdrawals are processed reliably. Support is competent, if not overly proactive. Overall, a solid option for pragmatic traders.
3 days ago
Poloniex has a lot to offer for both beginners and seasoned traders. The interface is sleek and intuitive, making navigation a breeze. I also appreciate the variety of trading pairs available. It's great to see that it's still one of the best platforms to trade altcoins.
13 days ago
Poloniex’s focus on community and its robust platform align with my leadership and nurturing qualities. They could further capitalize on this by creating leadership roles within the community, such as ambassador programs, which would empower users to take active roles in shaping the platform’s future.
28 days ago
I'll tell it like it is - my personal experience with Poloniex is quite contradictory. On the one hand, they are good for holding on for so many years and maintaining high trading volumes. This is an indicator. But on the whole, the site is still afloat.
Kristofer Nollund
31 days ago
I love Poloniex for its heartfelt atmosphere. The community there is responsive - they will always support me and give me tips. The exchange itself is reliable, although commissions could be lower. But the steaking is great - some of the best rates on the market.
36 days ago
The strategic depth of Poloniex, with its myriad of options and tools, is a battlefield where I thrive. But strategy is born from insight, and a more proactive approach to market analysis and education could arm its users not just with tools, but with vision.
40 days ago
No matter how you slice it, Poloniex, with its analytical depth, appeals to the strategist in me, offering a chessboard on which market moves are carefully planned. However, every strategist knows how important allies are. All in all, I'm in favor of having different baskets for my crypto assets.
57 days ago
Poloniex has this dreamy quality of endless possibilities that I find inspiring. A gentler introduction to its depth, focusing on the human aspect of trading, could make a world of difference.
63 days ago
Poloniex's efficient market order execution and its authoritative stance on security and compliance resonate with my logical and decisive approach. However, the platform could benefit from more dynamic customer engagement, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.
70 days ago
Poloniex's artistic and intuitive design appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities, making trading feel more personal and engaging.
78 days ago
Poloniex, with its venerable position in the crypto space, offers a sense of historical depth that resonates with my appreciation for legacy and tradition. Even so, the pull of innovation and the new age of digital finance occasionally leaves me feeling torn between past and future.
84 days ago
Poloniex, with its legacy in the crypto space, appeals to my respect for history and depth. It's like navigating an ancient map, rich with secrets. However, the call of undiscovered lands sometimes whispers, tempting me towards newer horizons.
90 days ago
Poloniex feels like an old library with hidden gems tucked away in its corners. Finding them is rewarding but requires patience and a bit of luck with the platform's quirks.
94 days ago
Love the vibe on Poloniex! It’s always buzzing, just like my energy levels. Quick trades, quick wins, and sometimes, quick losses, but it’s all part of the game. Their platform keeps up with my pace, no lag. Just wish they’d add more coins, faster!
101 days ago
Poloniex stands out for its wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and its commitment to offering competitive trading fees. The platform has a strong focus on security, which is reassuring for traders concerned about asset safety. While the interface is relatively straightforward, enhancing the customer support experience could further elevate the platform's appeal.
Kevin Martin
109 days ago
Poloniex has consistently provided a stable trading environment, especially during the volatile periods of 2023. It's a dependable choice for trading a variety of altcoins.
Jack Turner
117 days ago
In a year marked by financial upheavals, Poloniex has demonstrated remarkable resilience. It's reassuring to have a stable and reliable platform for crypto trading, especially during periods of market volatility.
Connor Murphy
118 days ago
Poloniex's steadiness amidst the banking sector shakeup has been a relief. It underscores the growing importance of crypto platforms as alternative investment avenues during traditional market instabilities.
Derek Thompson
126 days ago
It’s reassuring to trade on an exchange that maintains stability and reliability even during turbulent market conditions. Poloniex's resilience in the face of the banking sector's instability this year is noteworthy.
Daniel Johnson
132 days ago
Amidst the banking sector's turmoil this year, I found Poloniex's platform to be a stable alternative for my crypto investments. Its resilience during these fluctuating market conditions has been commendable.
Rachel Green
137 days ago
The US bank collapses showed the importance of asset diversification. I use Poloniex for trading altcoins and especially appreciated its stability and reliability during market uncertainties this year.
William Taylor
143 days ago
Poloniex has been a stable choice for me, especially for trading less common altcoins. The platform is a bit dated, but it works well and has decent liquidity. Could use some improvements in user interface and support.
170 days ago
Poloniex is like the Swiss Army knife of crypto exchanges. Versatile, reliable, and packed with features. A tech lover's dream!
209 days ago
Journeying through Poloniex is like exploring uncharted territories. New opportunities unveil themselves like hidden travel gems!
213 days ago
Poloniex has been my go-to for trying out new tokens. Despite not having a formal higher education, I find their platform user-friendly and their community quite supportive in guiding newcomers
226 days ago
I've been diving deep into 'how blockchain technology works'. Your Poloniex overview was extremely helpful, making the complex concepts more digestible.
255 days ago
History teaches us the value of change and progress. With Poloniex, I feel like I'm part of that change in the financial world, embracing the new while respecting the old.
282 days ago
Heh, like in my kitchen, where every ingredient matters, every trade on Poloniex must be chosen with care and knowledge. It's a recipe for success or failure, with all the spices and risks that make life exciting.
Robert St.
292 days ago
I'm a retiree looking to supplement my pension with crypto investments. Still trying to wrap my head around Poloniex but I'm making progress.
309 days ago
It's cool, all my friends are using it. Easy to trade, plus it has a decent app. The graphs are a bit confusing, but I'm getting the hang of it.
Alice Johnson
320 days ago
Reading your review on Poloniex was a real eye-opener for me. I appreciate the in-depth analysis and straightforward explanation. You're making a real difference, keep it up!
359 days ago
I really enjoyed your review of Poloniex! Your section on their range of altcoins was insightful. In your next review, consider discussing their customer service experiences. Thanks and keep them coming!
598 days ago
Up until now I only got fees and zero service from Poloniex. They’ve blocked operations from the mobile app because as they stated it was ’’a different IP’’. Why do you have a mobile app if one can’t operate while on the move? Outright impudence or dullness. A whole week of ignorance from the help desk.
599 days ago
I think one should try trading on Poloniex. Yes, the minimum deposit is $50 here which is higher than on the market. But this is fully justified: I’ve never seen such deep analytics and educational materials anywhere else. In addition to this, a friendly community chat is also available where you can communicate with users. There’s P2P trading with fiat pairs but i’m being careful with this way of earnings because there are fewer buyers than sellers. Tech support is ok, can’t complain, there’s no phone for quick communication though.
Helena Amarante
600 days ago
I have been working with Poloniex for a very long time, since 2017. It was quite a positive experience. But the good times seem to be over. I’ve been seeing constant withdrawal delays, and those delays are getting longer. Besides, it’s common knowledge they’ve been selling tokens they did not own. It’s a bit dangerous to keep large amounts there, to be honest. Moved to another exchange.
Georges R.
607 days ago
Now I use Poloniex not on a regular basis, but for beginners I can still recommend the exchange as a good choice. There is a stacking, an over-the-counter trading platform and an internal payment system. Works well, but other exchanges still offer more.
610 days ago
It’s great that the fees are so low and the variety of cryptocurrencies is something that makes this exchange stand out from others. Happy with the fast response from customer service, they don’t keep you waiting. The app is the best solution when you’re on the go trading. I prefer the app over web trading, the reason of this is my laziness )
612 days ago
Exchange with favorable trading conditions: spot and margin trading, many pairs, including pairs with currencies. Commissions are below the market average. A convenient lending system as well as a staking system are an effective option for passive income. The trading terminal is well protected and works smoothly. Definitely recommend.
613 days ago
I have an issue with Poloniex. They froze my account without any reason and asked me to re-verify through their application. Have been waiting for about 10 days now with no reply. Before the freeze, I luckily managed to withdraw some of my funds. I still have thousands locked there. I’ve been verified many years ago. I have traded many times on their platform. Strange.
van de Poppe
614 days ago
Among the main advantages of the Poloniex exchange it has all the necessary technical tools, the possibility of lending, and low commissions. From a technical point of view, the platform is just awesome, simple and without crashes. Basically I prefer to trade from my smartphone, which is very comfortable. By the way, Poloniex is one of the few where the mobile version has detailed analytics for all digital assets.
Michelle Boutros
615 days ago
IMHO, Poloniex is not that remarkable an exchange. Classics. Nothing special. I myself remain trading here, since the company is already verified and allows you to withdraw money without any problems. As a professional, I liked the exchange because of the abundance of assets, the presence of margin and spot, and good liquidity. Beginners will also feel comfortable here.
616 days ago
I was brought to by my friend, a guru of crypto trading. I have been trading here for about a year and so far I’m not planning to look for any other exchange. The company has taken care of a high level of security, convenient technical tools and in-depth analytics. It took me a long time to study the trading terminal, but I did it. At the same time, I joined the affiliate network to earn on referrals, commissions come regularly. Strongly recommend it.
619 days ago
Sent crypto to Poloniex. The transaction was confirmed in blockchain, all the data was correct, but the money has never been credited to Support doesn’t help, asking to wait, but I’ve been waiting for about 2 weeks. It’s too much! I cannot recommend this exchange.
619 days ago
I make money on this exchange mainly not through active trading, but through passive investing and P2P lending. But my main income comes from secure staking by holding a few digital assets. Everything is fine for now.