HTX exchange is one of the first platforms to offer the services of buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It was established in 2013 and has grown exponentially ever since. HTX is one of the top exchanges based on such indicators as trading volume, weekly traffic of the exchange, number of trading instruments. The total number of trading pairs is 1,014; also 50 different fiat currencies are supported, which is one of the top indicators in the industry.

HTX offers a multitude of different services: p2p trading, staking, a platform for earning passive income through cryptocurrency lending. Since 2020, HTX clients have access to the ETH 2.0 network, where they can become a hub and start earning.

Initially, HTX was a Chinese exchange. However, after the country started to fight against cryptocurrencies, the exchange was forced to move to other jurisdictions. At the moment, HTX Global is registered in the Seychelles, and also has offices in Singapore and Japan (licensed). Overall, HTX operates in 170 countries.

HTX Global Exchange Rating

Total score 9
Commissions 8
Security and regulation 9
Markets 9
Passive income 10
Deposit and withdrawal 8
Trading platform 10
Analytics 7
Education 9
Customer support 9
Bonuses 9

HTX pros and cons

Wide variety of coins and trading pairs, including crosses
There are futures with different expiration terms in the spot market
Big choice of staking options with high profitability for certain coins
Up to $300 welcome bonus
Support of 50 fiat currencies
Convenient multi-currency HTX Wallet
No support by phone
High fees on fiat withdrawal

Basic information

HTX is well-known among cryptocurrency traders and investors. In the 8 years of its operation, the exchange succeeded in expanding and becoming one of the key players in the industry. Here is the basic information about the platform:

Name HTX
Exchange type Centralized
Regulation There is no information about the licenses at the place of registration of HTX Global in the Seychelles; there is FSA license for HTX Japan
Taker’s fee 0.20-0.07%
Maker’s fee 0.20-0.07%
Demo account No
Minimum deposit No
BTC withdrawal limits The daily limit is 100BTC for verified accounts
USD withdrawal limits Not fixed; changed by the company from time to time
Withdrawal in Fiat USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF, HKD, SGD, ZAR, RUB, TYR, UAH, KZT, a total of 50 currencies
Time frame for account opening Around 5 minutes for basic level, up to 3 days for full verification
Author of the review
Anastasia Hernandez
Anastasia Hernandez

Anastasia Hernandez is a financial consultant and analyst with over ten years of experience. She has been an active trader in the cryptocurrency market since 2018. Hernandez specializes in detailed analysis of digital currencies and development of trading strategies and investment portfolios.

HTX Global Commissions and Fees


Overall, HTX commissions and fees can be considered average. They can be substantially reduced through staking the token of the exchange; in this case the fees will be reduced to the level of the leaders of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Let’s look at the main pros and cons of the fees policy of the platform:

It is possible to reduce the fees through staking the HTX token
You can reach close to zero fees with high trading volumes
Free transfers inside the exchange
Rather high basic fees are applied in case of low trading volume and absence of the HTX token

Trading fees

Overall, HTX commissions and fees can be considered average. They can be substantially reduced through staking the token of the exchange; in this case the fees will be reduced to the level of the leaders of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Let’s look at the main pros and cons of the fees policy of the platform:

Level HT Holdings Maker Taker
1 ⩾0 0.200% 0.200%
2 ⩾10 0.180% 0.180%
3 ⩾100 0.160% 0.160%
4 ⩾500 0.120% 0.120%
5 ⩾1000 0.090% 0.090%
6 ≥2000 0.080% 0.080%
7 ⩾5000 0.070% 0.070%

HTX also offers another system of reducing trading fees, which depends on the number of the exchange’s tokens held by a trader and also their 30-day trading volume, which is measured in Bitcoin. There are the following levels and fees in the spot market:

Level 30-day trading volume
(BTC) and HT holdings
Maker Taker
1 ⩾1000 and ⩾2000 0.0362% 0.200%
2 ⩾1500 and ⩾2000 0.0294% 0.0420%
3 ⩾5000 and ⩾2000 0.0294% 0.0378%
4 ⩾10000 and ⩾2000 0.0252% 0.0336%
5 ⩾1500 and ⩾2000 0.0224% 0.0308%
6 ⩾20000 and ⩾2000 0.0210% 0.0294%
7 ⩾40000 and ⩾2000 0.0168% 0.0252%
8 ⩾80000 and ⩾2000 0.0126% 0.0210%
9 ⩾150000 and ⩾2000 0.0097% 0.0193%

Maker’s fee in the spot market is 0.02%, taker’s – 0.04%. As you can see, holding tokens and high trading volume allows traders to reduce the fees to very low values, which is very beneficial for active traders with large capital.

Non-trading fees

No fees are charged on cryptocurrency and fiat deposits to the exchange. The platform, however, does charge withdrawal fees both on cryptocurrency and fiat withdrawals. Let’s review the most typical fees:

  • BTC – 0.0005BTC
  • ETH – 0.005ETH
  • LTC – 0.001LTC
  • XRP – 0.1XRP

These are rather good rates, especially for cheap coins. There are withdrawal limits, which are set individually for each coin. For example, for XRP, the limit is 20 coins. It is not possible to withdraw a lower amount. The upper limit is determined by the level of verification.

Average commission compared to competitors

Here’s a comparison of the HTX fees compared to competitors:

HTX Kraken Binance
Taker 0.09% 0.15% 0.06%
Maker 0.08% 0.06% 0.05%

HTX commissions and fees can be considered high compared to Binance and Kraken. However, the fee reduction system allows users to achieve good indicators at the same level as the competitors.

Margin lending

HTX Global offers an opportunity to trade with borrowed money. Margin trading became a standard service, which the exchanges provide. Traders receive an opportunity to operate larger amounts compared to those that they own; the multiplicity of this value in relation to own funds is called leverage.

HTX offers trading a large number of instruments with leverage 1:3 and some instruments – up to 1:5. The indicator cannot be considered high, but this also reduces the possibility of losing all your money due to price fluctuations. Borrowed funds are provided at a certain interest rate; the rate is floating at the HTX exchange and it is set by the management. For comparison, the interest rate at Binance is also not fixed and depends on the period of the loan. At the moment, the platform applies daily rate of 0.098% to the base payment for servicing margin lending; in addition, the users that meet certain conditions also have the right to a multi-level servicing fee, which is updated at 4:00 am (GMT + 8) daily on the platform and can be viewed by the users on the corresponding pages in their personal accounts. The rates are practically identical to Binance.

HTX Global Reliability and Regulation


Initially, HTX was a Chinese platform registered in China. Later, the platform obtained licenses to officially operate in Hong Kong. However, as China started fighting against cryptocurrencies, HTX Global was forced to move to the jurisdiction of the Seychelles. At the moment, no information is available on the legal entity (HTX Global) holding the license of the Seychelles. Therefore, essentially, it is simply the registration of the company.

In order to be able to operate in other countries, HTX registered an office in Japan, which obtained the license of FSA, the Japanese regulator. There is no information about any other licenses. The company has plans to establish headquarters in Europe and the UK. HTX will work to obtain the licenses in these regions. It is a laborious process that takes a lot of time, as there are simply no special cryptocurrency regulatory bodies.

HTX boasts a high level of security; in the entire period of its operation, there were only several cases of the accounts being hacked. They happened because of the negligence of the users and not the security issues of the platform. There have been no high-profile scandals or losses. Two-factor authentication allows users to ensure highest protection of their funds.

HTX Global Markets and Products


The exchange offers its clients a rather wide variety of trading instruments. They are divided by the spot market and futures. HTX Global is not the leader by the number of pairs, but it has more than enough for the majority of traders. The platform also has a wide choice of futures with different expiration dates; they are not limited to just quarterly and perpetual.

Pros and cons of market diversity on HTX

First, let’s review the pros and cons:

It is possible to reduce the fees through staking the HTX token
You can reach close to zero fees with high trading volumes
Free transfers inside the exchange
Rather high basic fees are applied in case of low trading volume and absence of the HTX token

HTX has its own stablecoin titled HUSD. It can be used in the same manner as USDT. The pegging to the US dollar makes the coin very convenient both for storing a reserve in the form of a stable cryptocurrency and for performing exchange transactions. It is essentially an analogue of USDT and BUSD.

HTX Markets

Let’s compare the key indicators of markets with HTX Global competitors:

HTX Kraken Binance
Cryptocurrencies* 584 195 395
Trading pairs* 1135 598 1682
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes
Etherium Yes Yes Yes
Altcoins Yes Yes Yes
and options
Yes Yes Yes
Cryptocurrency funds (a basket of cryptocurrencies in one lot) No No No
NFT Yes No Yes
*The information is current at the time of writing this review

The lag behind the leaders in terms of the number of available coins is compensated by the opportunities of the derivatives market – in terms of this feature HTX is ahead of both Binance and Kraken. A variety of contracts allows traders to choose the most optimal expiration period. Options trading is nothing special, with industry standard contracts available on the platform.

HTX Global works with NFTs, the non-fungible digital assets. It is a rather new area, which allows users to buy any digital artifacts and hold the rights to them, which are registered digitally. The area is developing actively, with experts claiming that it has great potential.

Cryptocurrencies – Spot

The number of coins traded at the spot market is 357. They form 1,014 currency pairs, including crosses formed between altcoins. Notably, it is also possible to trade the pairs of main cryptocurrencies and stablecoins and also USD. There is practically no rate difference, but many traders believe that availability of the fiat dollar as a quoted currency is a big advantage, and to some even a mandatory condition of trust towards the platform.

Cryptocurrencies – Futures

Futures market on HTX Global is rather big; the list includes 206 trading instruments, which is more than Binance offers. The platform features different futures and options on main cryptocurrencies. Availability of a wide list of expirations is a clear advantage of HTX . There are the following expirations:

  • 1 Week.
  • 2 Weeks.
  • 1 Quarter.
  • 2 Quarters.
  • Perpetual.

Passive income on HTX Global exchange


HTX offers interesting passive income options. There is a variety of them, including different kinds of staking, with annual rates for several currencies reaching 88%. Let’s review the main areas:

  • Classic staking of SOL, LUNA, ELF, XPRT, CSPR coins with rates from 3.5% to 15% annual.

  • HTX Earn
    These are the offers for novice traders, where they can earn from short-term staking of main coins. The rate is up to 88% annual, the period of staking – 7 days.

  • PrimePool
    This is a separate type of staking, where recently listed coins or coins expected to be listed are given as rewards.

  • ETH 2.0
    Ethereum blockchain, which operates based on the PoS protocol. The reward is distributed among the wallets with blocked ETH coins.

HTX Referral Program

HTX provides an opportunity to earn from the referral program. It is relatively simple, one-tier, but there are no limitations on the number of people you can invite. The key conditions are:

  • Cashback is calculated in USDT, bonus points or HT tokens.
  • The duration of the program is 2 years after the registration of the referral.
  • The amount of cashback per one referral is limited to 5000 USDT.
  • The calculation is performed daily at midnight; the funds are credited within 22 hours.

Account opening on HTX Global


The process of account registration on HTX is simple and clear. A client needs to take a few steps that take approximately 10-15 minutes. After that, the account will be registered and you can proceed with the verification in order to have full access to trading and working with cryptocurrency.

Registration takes very little time
Minimum verification level is enough to start working
The company may ask you for more detailed ID verification within the framework of KYC for withdrawals

Residents of which countries can trade at the exchange

HTX is available to everyone, with the exception of a number of countries, which are divided into two categories:

  • A ban on trading futures and options for residents of China, Taiwan, Israel, Iraq, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Crimea and the UK.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are prohibited for residents of Hong Kong, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Crimea.

How to open an account on HTX:
a step-by-step guide

Registration at the HTX exchange is simple and won’t take more than 15 minutes. Follow these steps:


Click Sign Up in the top right corner of the HTX website homepage.

How to open an account on HTX

Provide your phone number or email, come up with a password.

Registration at the HTX exchange

Enter confirmation code, which was sent to your email.

Account opening on HTX Global

Click on the person’s silhouette and select ID Verification.

ID Verification

Compare the provided limits with your needs and make a decision on the verification. In order to verify your ID, you need to provide the documents that are requested.

Verification of documents on the HTX exchange

Minimum deposit

You can deposit any amount to your account on HTX, which is higher than the limit set for each coin. Since these limits are very low, you can say that the exchange does not have a minimum deposit. You can deposit 1 XRP, which is currently worth less than 1$.

Account types

After you pass ID verification, all features of the exchange become available. Depending on the volume of provided information the clients are assigned one of the two verification levels:

Level Withdrawal limit Specifics
Basic verification Fiat is unavailable, low limits on cryptocurrencies, set for each coin, 0.06 BTC for Bitcoin. Futures are unavailable. Email, Full Name, Phone Number, Country of Residence
Full verification Possibility to withdraw fiat, limits on cryptocurrencies increase by hundreds of times, 100 BTC for Bitcoin. Uploading scanned ID documents, a selfie. Upon request, proof of address is provided.

In order to ensure security, the platform offers two-factor authentication. Also within the framework of protection from phishing, users can set up a signature of each letter from HTX with a special code; this way users will be able to identify scammers.

Deposit and withdrawal on HTX


You can deposit both cryptocurrencies and fiat to your account. The list of available fiat is one of the biggest in the industry. Let’s list the main currencies of the 50 available:

  • USD – US dollar.
  • EUR – euro.
  • GBP – British pound.
  • CAD – Canadian dollar.
  • CHF – Swiss franc.
  • AUD – Australian dollar.
  • MXN – Mexican peso.
  • UAH – Ukrainian hryvnia.

A large number of cryptocurrencies is also available, including the main ones:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • EOS
  • LTC
  • USDT

Since no fees are charged on deposits in cryptocurrencies and fiat, traders should choose the most convenient option. As for withdrawal, you need to check the minimum amount for each specific coin and the fee. Withdrawals in USD are charged with 1% fee, with the fee no less than 33 USD.

Deposit and withdrawal options and processing time

Let’s review both deposit methods in the context of processing time and fees:

Method Processing time Fee
Cryptocurrencies Depends on the coin; the exchange applies minimum transaction confirmation time. For the majority of coins, it will be less than an hour, and much faster for the most popular ones No
Wire transfers 1-3 working days, depending on the sender bank and presences of intermediaries in the transfer No deposit fee, 1% withdrawal fee, but no less than USD 33

Each coin has its own number of network confirmations, after which the transaction can be considered completed. HTX sticks to the minimum values.

Trading Platforms


HTX trading platforms practically do not differ from the platforms of other cryptocurrency platforms. There is a desktop app, which is often used by active traders, who perform serious chart analysis. Let’s review the pros and cons of the exchange’s apps

TradingView charts are available
Large list of order types
Desktop app for Windows and Mac
No Linux version

Comparative table of features

Web Mobile Desktop
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes Yes
Time frame range From one minute to one month From one minute to one month From one minute to one month
Order types Stop, Limit, Trailing Stop, Stop Market Full set: Limit, Market, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Trailing Stop, Limit TP and SL Basic set, containing Stop Orders and Limit Orders
Quote history Yes Yes Yes
Number of indicators Over 100 Over 100 Over 30
Tradingview charts Yes Yes Yes

The features of the mobile apps for iOS and Android are practically identical to the apps of other large exchanges. The desktop version has more features, including a larger number of order types.

Trading platforms. Comparison with the competition

Let’s now review HTX Global trading platform in the context of its competitors:

HTX Global Kraken Binance
Web platform Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Yes Yes Yes

Availability of the desktop version of the platform for MAC devices is a clear advantage of HTX; however Binance has a version for Linux. Accordingly, HTX is on par with the leader.

Trading platform specs

The simplest way to describe all trading platforms of HTX is by the increase of features and options:

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android. These are very simple apps; they have a limited list of available trading orders and do not offer very wide possibilities for chart analysis. They are mostly used to monitor the situation and take quick action in case of serious changes in the market.
  • Web version has a wider set of features, larger number of order types and a wide analytical base. It is used for chart analysis and has many different indicators for technical analysis.
  • Desktop app has the widest set of features: trading orders, indicators. It can be called the choice of the professionals.



The exchange conducts analytical research, analyzing the current market condition, prospects of specific macroeconomic events and publications, and changes in the policy of central banks. HTX Research covers all key issues and news, while the level of analytical support cannot be compared to that of Binance, as it is much lower.

Good analysis of the current market situation and prospects within the framework of the global economy
Analytics is available only in English; you can read information in other languages only by using an online translator

There is also the HTX Global channel on YouTube, featuring pieces on new opportunities and different events from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Education on HTX Global


The exchange’s website features a lot of information that will be useful to the beginners. There are articles with analysis of different aspects of cryptocurrency functioning, basic notions, principles of trading, etc. There is also a series of articles explaining the features of the exchange and its specifics, for example a guide on using the HTX Wallet. The YouTube channel of the platform has a section titled Learn and Earn, featuring current trends and earning options.

A good guide for beginners that explains the basics of working with cryptocurrency and the exchange.
Informative YouTube channel

Customer support


There is a big Help section on the HTX website with descriptions of practically all notions, terms and conditions of working with the exchange. Before contacting customer support, it is recommended to review this section first. In most cases, you will be able to find an answer to your question there. If you still need to contact customer support, you need to click on the Customer Service button in the bottom right corner, then review the list of top questions and then ask your question. After you describe your problem, an employee of the support service will contact you. Let’s review the pros and cons:

Employees speak several languages
Usually, you will get the answer to your question quickly; on rare occasions it takes up to 10-15 minutes
There is no support by phone

Communication channels

You can contact HTX Global and check out the latest news on different platforms and social media:

Customer support languages

HTX is an international cryptocurrency exchange and therefore, not only the website, but also customer support is available in different languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Bonuses and promo on HTX


HTX has its own bonus system, where new users can get a certain bonus amount, which depends on several conditions:

  • Registration with specification of your phone or email – 20$.
  • Making a deposit for an amount of 0.01$ or higher – 30$.
  • Opening a trade in the spot market – 40$.
  • Achievement of 10000$ trading volume in the spot market – 50$ + 20DOGE.

The last three points can be doubled if you perform the specified actions within 72 hours after registration. Additionally, there is a $10 bonus for inviting a friend, creating a HTX Wallet, trading in the spot market and depositing 200$ in HTX Earn.



HTX Global cryptocurrency exchange is an example of well-balanced simplicity of use, number of trading instruments and the list of additional services. The platform is not chasing the top position by the number of coins, but provides an impressive list of trading instruments and a good spot market.

HTX can be called a universal solution that will be convenient for any category of traders and investors, although there are two substantial drawbacks that make the exchange unattractive to traders with small deposits:

  • The fee on fiat withdrawal is rather high. In order for it to be 1%, you need to withdraw an amount higher than $3,000.
  • In order to reduce the fees to the level of initial conditions of Binance or Kraken, you need to either hold a large number of tokens of the exchange or have a high trading volume for the past 30 days.

To put it simply, the expenses will be high if you don’t work with a large amount. At the same time, traders with large capital will be rather comfortable here with the many trading instruments and excellent opportunities for staking. Multi-currency HTX Wallet supports over a thousand of coins; it is a great opportunity to build crypto wallets and easily manage them, and, if necessary, quickly rebalance at the exchange.


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I was disappointed with the support service of this exchange. They responded to my request only after a few days and their reply was not very helpful.
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HTX (formerly Huobi) disappointed. It used to be one of the top exchanges, but now there are constant problems with withdrawal of funds, tech support takes weeks to respond. I left there and I wouldn't advise you to leave.
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HTX is a platform for the motivated. I am interested in how the exchange manages risks related to market volatility and cybersecurity. What strategies and processes are used to minimize risks and ensure stability of operations?
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HTX evokes mixed feelings. The platform offers great features for professionals, but sometimes technical issues and glitches are frustrating.
Julia N.
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Innovative solutions and a high level of professionalism make it ideal for those who strive for the top in the world of cryptocurrencies. HTX is not just an exchange, it is a philosophy of success and growth.
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HTX exchange has good opportunities for trading, but faced verification problems. Tech support does not always promptly answer questions.
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HTX’s aesthetic and intuitive platform speaks to my artistic side, making trading a more enjoyable and expressive experience.
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HTX raised a lot of questions and concerns for me at first. After all, rebranding is a serious matter. But then I spent the evening, studied their analytical signals, and you know, I was impressed. You can see that the guys approach the business thoroughly and intelligently. A lot of useful insights, you can see the hand of professionals. I calmed down a bit, maybe I was really paranoid for nothing.
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Man, why did they rebrand Huobi, huh? It was a normal name, everyone got used to it. And now what? HTX sounds like a clinic. It's a bit suspicious
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The most passionate artists seek inspiration from their peers. HTX, with its sleek design and intuitive flow, feels like a canvas where each trade paints a stroke of personal expression.
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The big rebranding to HTX had me curious to try it out. I'm digging the fresh look and feel! The platform covers all the essentials well. Though I'd love to see an expanded social/community aspect.
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HTX's labyrinth of data and analytics is a thinker's paradise. Yet, even in paradise, clarity can sometimes be elusive. A streamlined approach to presenting information, making the complex accessible, could turn solitary analysis into a shared exploration.
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HTX has this unique, understated elegance in its design that I really vibe with. It's like they understand the art behind the numbers. Though, I sometimes feel lost in their vast ocean of options. A more curated experience would resonate more with my personal journey.
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HTX's vibrant community and dynamic trading environment stimulate my spontaneous and sociable nature. However, I crave more immersive and interactive experiences.
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HTX's structured approach to trading and its strong regulatory compliance provide the stability and order I respect in a trading platform. Yet, I believe the platform could offer more innovative features without sacrificing its commitment to security and order.
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The transition from Huobi to HTX has brought a fresh and intuitive user interface, making it easier for users to engage with the platform. The range of cryptocurrencies and the level of security are impressive, offering peace of mind to traders. Customer support is attentive and proactive, enhancing the trading experience. HTX could improve by offering more educational content for beginners to navigate the crypto market effectively.
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The rebranding of Huobi to HTX came with significant improvements in their trading platform. Their focus on incorporating advanced technologies has enhanced my trading experience this year.
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Huobi's integration of AI for market analysis and trading support in 2023 has set a new benchmark in the crypto exchange landscape. Their innovative approach provides traders with a distinct advantage in market analysis and decision-making.
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I have made quite a small deposit on Huobi (just for a try), around 6$ in ADA, a bit later I found out that was far less than minimum deposit required therefore they are entitled to appropriate funds. Those rules of minimum amount are printed in small font so many newbies can overlook or ignore them. I contacted the support center multiple times and they politely excused themselves. I understood well that the time spent on correspondence was not worth this money. I finally got my money back after a week of routine hassle. Support is really good compared to many exchanges.
663 days ago
It’s quite a good crypto exchange. It is possible to use all the functionality of the service, regardless of the operating system used but there’s a very complicated identity verification procedure. My verification was rejected 5 times.
Göksel Aldatmaz
664 days ago
Overall, a convenient platform with fast verification. Surprisingly the NFT trend is presented here as well. They carry out allocations on prime lists which is good. Launchpads are held quite often. The playground is just what gamers need in the metaverse. Trading here is for an amateur, but I didn’t notice any cons so far. The volumes of the main assets are good, I don’t trade shitcoins.
David Arul
664 days ago
This exchange is suitable for an advanced trader. They have way too many functionalities which can easily overwhelm a beginner. Good UI/UX and support service. Bad for nonstop spam letters as long as you share your email. I use it to sell and buy crypto on P2P. Sellers there are efficient, fast and secure. It’s cool.
665 days ago
I’ve tried all known cryptocurrency trading platforms and stopped my choice on Huobi for its reliability, security and speed. The support is really fast. But the commissions are a bit high if you aren’t a regular trader, they should change that. It’s disappointing. But generally Huobi Wallet is really great.
David S.
670 days ago
I found out one consistent pattern on huobi futures: trigger order doesn’t necessarily provide you 100% guarantee that your trigger order (either stop loss or take profit) will go through. If the market suddenly has a fluctuation with huge price movement, your triggered order will get triggered, but if no buyer price is matched it will be parked under limit order.
672 days ago
Huobi Global has very good conditions for crypto traders. I have been working with the exchange for several months and so far I can’t complain. On this platform you can start with at least a hundred bucks in your pocket. Great possibility for beginners. Sounds a little depressing but Huobi is going to delist 7! confidentiality oriented coins (dash, monero, zcash etc). No chance for anonymity (
Artur Morais
675 days ago
The exchange is generally ok, but the support sometimes is not very good, probably due to the language barrier. The funds withdrawal is fast, and I have never faced any withdrawal issue. Good trading opportunities.
677 days ago
Great exchange but the process of KYC verification was a nightmare. I recommend being patient.
677 days ago
the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in China. i have been huobi user for over 3 years. thanks to huobi, my crypto portfolio got 350% profit on the last bull run!
Marco T.
680 days ago
Huobi is the world’s leading cryptocurrency buying and selling platform. The best for me. Pros: easy to use, well-constructed exchange, two factor authentication, regulations, it has distinctive liquidity. Cons: didn’t notice.
680 days ago
IMHO, Huobi looks worthy. The truth is, they shook my nerves while passing the verification. Big thanks to the support, so helpful. I didn’t face any other difficulty. I recommend beginners to carefully study the rules and regulations there, they are quite strict.
741 days ago
The Huobi cryptocurrency exchange was one of the first exchanges where I registered to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. She has been working for far from the first year, and her peculiarity is that she is extremely loyal to beginners. I registered on the official website easily and without unnecessary difficulties, I was not required to provide additional documents. If, of course, you want to increase the withdrawal limit, then you need to go through verification and provide documents, but for now I can do without it.
764 days ago
Huobi Global es un excelente intercambio de cifrado. Puedo apreciarlo, porque he estado operando en Huobi durante varios años. Durante este período, nunca tuve ningún problema. Entre las ventajas de este intercambio de cifrado: un registro simple en el sitio, un proceso de verificación fácil, la presencia de comercio de margen y una comisión comercial baja. Me familiaricé con el intercambio de cifrado Huobi a través de una revisión en el sitio web.