RU is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing a wide range of digital currencies for trading and rather good conditions for their holding. The service aspires to be a universal platform, where you can trade, but also find specific information about certain tokens and the current situation in the market in general. is among the top platforms by trading volume. As of November 27, 2021, this indicator amounted to $1,570,025,278, with the number of available currency pairs at 2099. is an old, but not very well known trading platform. It was launched in 2013 in China as a Bter service. In 2017 the company held a rebranding and moved to the US. It is now managed by the American corporation Gate Technology Inc. The unique offers of the exchange include access to trading perpetual futures with leverage up to 100x, copy trading option for passive investing, NFT trading and also comfortable conditions for margin lending and high level of security.

The lion’s share of the trading is carried out in four key markets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETN), Tether (USDT), CNYX. The service focuses on English-speaking traders, and the users from Asia (Vietnam, Turkey) and Russia, and also, recently – US traders. rating

Total score 7
Commissions 9
Security and regulation 4
Markets 9
Passive income 8
Deposit and withdrawal 9
Trading platforms 9
Analytics 7
Education 7
Customer support 6
Bonuses 0 Pros and Cons

Wide selection of trading assets, including popular digital coins and rather exotic tokens.
Basic instruments, including the TradingView, are available for market analysis.
Listing feature that allows you to add your own tokens to the website.
Simple and easy registration
Reduced commission rates only for high monthly trading volumes.
User-friendly mobile platform that allows you to trade at any time.
Passive income options include copy trading.
High market commission (0.2% of the trade), which is higher than the average commission charged by competitors.
You can send a ticket with a request to customer support only in English, Korean or Japanese.
It is rather difficult to get customer support to respond. If you send an email, you will receive a response that your request has been received. On live chat, there is a very long line (up to 200 people, with up to several hours of waiting time).

Basic information about

Exchange type Centralized
Regulation No regulator
Taker’s fee 0,2%
Maker’s fee 0,2%
Demo account Yes
Minimum deposit No
BTC withdrawal limits Up to 100 BTC per day, after verification – up to 10,000 BTC per day
USD withdrawal limits It is possible to withdraw cryptocurrency, which is credited to user accounts in fiat. At the initial level the limit is equivalent to $100,000, and after full verification – as high as 5,000,000.
Withdrawal in Fiat No, under the new technical rules
Time frame for account opening 24h, verification included
Leverage x3 for spot trading, up to x100 for futures trading
Markets As of December 2021, the exchange features 1,153 coins and 2,061 markets.
Passive income options Staking,
margin lending,
copy trading
Customer support languages English, Bulgarian, Japanese, Korean. There is also an automatic machine translation of responses into other languages, which can be configured in the browser.
Withdrawal fee The exchange does not charge a withdrawal fee, but the fee is charged in the blockchain network
Deposit options Transfers from a crypto wallet, deposits from a debit/credit card or a bank account. The funds are credited to the crypto exchange wallet in cryptocurrency.
Withdrawal options Withdrawals from the crypto wallet, withdrawals to a debit/credit card or a bank account.
Account currencies Cryptocurrencies featured on the website (it is preferably to use Bitcoin or Ethereum)
Promo Not at the moment, when this review was written
Author of the review
Alex Brown
Alex Brown

Alex Brown is a financial consultant and analyst with over ten years of experience. He has been an active trader in the cryptocurrency market since 2017. Brown specializes in building and diversification of investment portfolios.

“I am confident that the financial risks must be calculated mathematically, otherwise it’s not investing, it’s gambling,” he says. Commissions and Fees


The exchange offers a simple commissions and fees system. You can review the latest information on the matter on a separate page on the website, which is quite convenient.

Simple and clear system of fees for each area of trading.
A possibility to use leverage under good conditions.
Coin withdrawal fee is calculated for each asset separately.
It is possible to use GT to pay the fees.
In order to pay the fees at the rates of a specific tier, in addition to the monthly trading volume, you need to hold a certain number of GT tokens (the average value of the amount of held coins over 14 days, excluding borrowing of assets).

The exchange charges a fixed Taker’s and Maker’s fee at 0.2% of the trade value. However, it is possible to reduce it based on the 30-day volume indicator. Overall, there are 15 tiers for spot and for futures market each. Let’s review them in more detail.

Market Trading volume/
GT Holding
Taker Standard fee/
GT debit
Maker Standard fee/
GT debit
Spot 1,5 BTC/
0 GT
1,5 BTC/
20 GT
3 BTC/
50 GT
6 BTC/
200 GT
12,5 BTC/
500 GT
25 BTC/
1000 GT
75 BTC/
2000 GT
200 BTC/
5000 GT
500 BTC/
10000 GT
1250 BTC/
20000 GT
2500 BTC/
40000 GT
3000 BTC/
50000 GT
6000 BTC/
50000 GT
11000 BTC/
50000 GT
20000 BTC/
50000 GT
40000 BTC/
50000 GT
75000 BTC/
50000 GT
Futures 1,5 BTC/
0 GT
0,00% 0,050%/
0,075 %
1,5 BTC/
20 GT
-0,005% 0,048%/
0,075 %
3 BTC/
50 GT
-0,005% 0,046%/
0,075 %
6 BTC/
200 GT
-0,005% 0,044%/
0,075 %
12,5 BTC/
500 GT
0,005% 0,042%/
0,075 %
25 BTC/
1000 GT
-0,005% 0,040%/
0,075 %
75 BTC/
2000 GT
-0,005% 0,038%/
0,075 %
200 BTC/
5000 GT
-0,005% 0,036%/
0,075 %
500 BTC/
10000 GT
-0,005% 0,034%/
0,075 %
1250 BTC/
20000 GT
-0,005% 0,032%/
0,075 %
2500 BTC/
40000 GT
-0,005% 0,030%/
0,075 %
3000 BTC/
50000 GT
-0,008% 0,030%/
0,075 %
6000 BTC/
50000 GT
-0,01% 0,030%/
0,075 %
11000 BTC/
50000 GT
-0,012% 0,030%/
0,075 %
20000 BTC/
50000 GT
-0,015% 0,030%/
0,075 %
40000 BTC/
50000 GT
-0,020% 0,030%/
0,075 %
75000 BTC/
50000 GT
-0,025% 0,030%/
0,075 %

Maker’s fee is always lower than taker’s fee and can also be negative, because the makers help create liquidity and increased activity at the crypto exchange.

The cryptocurrency exchange offers one fixed fee rate of 0.2% both for taker and maker. Compared to the other crypto exchanges, the fees are at the same level. However, the fees are reduced proportionally to the 30-day trading volume. It is also possible to pay the fees with GT, which is rather convenient. non-trading commissions

The non-trading commissions and fees of the cryptocurrency exchange include:

  • Withdrawal fees;
  • Account fees charged when no trading transactions have been registered in a month.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

The fee on withdrawal of tokens to external wallets or conversion and withdrawal to a debit/credit card as fiat money is calculated for each asset separately. The exchange uses a system of 0% + a certain number of tokens. For example, for Bitcoin, the fee is 0% + 0.001 BTC, for Tether – 0%+40. These rates are considered to be rather high compared to the competing exchanges. This needs to be considered when you withdraw a small number of tokens to external accounts. You also need to consider that the blockchain fee will be calculated additionally.

NOTE! When you register a withdrawal transaction, take into consideration the daily limit, which is calculated separately for every asset.

No fees are charged on the deposits.

Average commission of compared to competitors Binance HTX (Huobi)
Taker 0.2% 0.06% 0.09%
Maker 0.2% 0.05% 0.08%
Margin lending offers its users margin lending. The option was introduced several years ago and is available only for popular digital assets. The maximum leverage is x3, which means that if a trader has 10 BTC, he can borrow 20 BNC and trade with 30 coins.

The margin lending option is quite useful, however, competitors offer much higher leverage. For example, Binance offers a leverage of x20 at the start, which can be increased to x50 for high trading volumes. However, other services offer rather standard conditions, while here a user can independently choose the repayment period, opening long or short positions (10, 20 or 30 days). The fees in this case are calculated on a daily basis.

Notably, the exchange reserves the right to eliminate the positions if the total losses exceed the maximum admissible level. Then the platform reserves the right to close positions and use the tokens in the internal wallet of the exchange to repay the debts. That is why, when you use margin lending, you need to keep in mind that while it is a great opportunity to multiply your capital, there is also a risk of losing everything if you choose a wrong strategy.

As for the fees on loans, the conditions are rather good. There is a VIP program (based on trading volumes) on the platform that enables users to reduce their fees. There is also a fixed discount on each tier.

Tier Discount Rate
VIP 0 18,0%
VIP 1 5% off 17,1%
VIP 2 10% off 16,2%
VIP 3 15% off 15,3%
VIP 4 20% off 14,4%
VIP 5 25% off 13,5%
VIP 6 30% off 12,6%
VIP 7 35% off 11,7%
VIP 8 40% off 10,8%
VIP 9 45% off 9,9%
VIP 10 50% off 9,0%
VIP 11 55% off 8,1%
VIP 12 60% off 7,2%
VIP 13 65% off 6,3%
VIP 14 70% off 5,4%
VIP 15 70% off 5,4%
VIP 16 70% off 5,4%

The rates are universal for Bitcoin and other assets. Reliability and Regulation

User data is protected by a multi-level security system.
In order to access the platform, you need to use two-factor authentication.
No license
There are no audits of the exchange.

The cryptocurrency exchange does not hold a license and is not regulated. The only known fact is that the legal entity is registered in the Cayman Islands, which are an offshore zone. Therefore, when you register with the company, keep in mind that in case of unforeseen circumstances or theft of money, it will be impossible to file a claim for compensation.

Over the years of operation, has gained a huge client base, with over 10 billion transactions performed at the exchange daily. This clearly speaks in favor of the high level of security of the service. During registration, every user passes a verification based on KYC (Know Your Customer) algorithms. Also, when you create an account, you need to enter a one-time password (TOTP) or link the number of your phone. The platform uses SSL encryption, ensuring full safety of client funds and user data.

As an additional option, there is a two-factor authentication on the website. In order to activate it, you need to:

  • Go to Settings, and select Two-Step Verification.
  • Click on Enable Login 2-Step Verification.
  • Next you need to download the app from the App Store or Play Market in order to scan the code that will be generated. If you work from your PC, you will need to install a recognition extension in your browser.
  • Enter the generated code into the corresponding field.

Your two-factor authentication has now been activated.

Users have access to cold wallets, where they can hold their assets, transferring part of them to the main account in order to actively trade. Therefore, there is a multi-level security of user funds held in the encrypted cold wallets.

Speaking about the hacker attack attempts, there were several in 2019. Fortunately, the IT experts of the company quickly strengthened the security and none of the traders suffered from the attacks.

Based on the results of the studies of the largest cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko of 2020, ranked 4 with a complete credit of trust among the cryptocurrency trading services. The selection criteria included traffic data, determined using Trust Score, range of assets and loyalty programs. Markets and Products


The exchange offers a large number of different kinds of cryptocurrencies, including both popular assets and rare tokens.

The selection offered by the exchange is more than just big. Every trader can find a suitable token for investing and trading, or launch their own token. Certain categories of assets operate on their own blockchain (for example MEME) and have very enticing conditions for purchase.

Pros and cons of market diversity on
Wide selection of cryptocurrencies.
Possibility to trade futures and ETF contracts.
NFTs are available
No fiat money. markets Binance HTX (Huobi)
Cryptocurrencies* 1431 395 584
Trading pairs* 2403 1682 1135
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes
Etherium Yes Yes Yes
Altcoins Yes Yes Yes
Futures and
Yes Yes Yes
Cryptocurrency funds (a basket of cryptocurrencies in one lot) No No No
NFT Yes Yes Yes
*The information is current at the time of writing this review
Cryptocurrencies (spot)

The total number of pairs today on the platform is 1,187; they form 2,099 trading pairs. This is a rather large number not every licensed platform can even boast.

For convenience, all trading positions are divided by groups, which makes the search much easier. There are 16 categories in the Market section on the platform. You can click on each of them to see how many assets are available or just to trade. There are De-Fi tokens, NFT contracts, MEME coins and a lot of other assets on the website.

Notably, there are certain limits for trading at the exchange. The minimum amount you can open an order with is $10 or an equivalent amount in digital coins.

Cryptocurrencies on
Cryptocurrencies (Futures)

The selection of long-term contracts is represented by two groups: token+BTC (23 trading positions) and token+USDT (175 trading positions). The available list of assets allows you to choose the most beneficial positions. The leverage for trading in this group of contracts varies from 5x to 100x, while a part of the fees can be paid with GT.

In order to start trading futures, a trader needs to transfer some funds to a separate account.

ICO/IEO at the Gate exchange

The crypto exchange is a rather active participant of the IEO movement. Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising event, which is administered by the cryptocurrency exchange.

Anybody can participate in an IEO. The only requirement is that the user must have an account and full verification on the platform. Anybody can offer to sell assets here or to buy them. You can participate in the transactions and review the rules in detail in the Startup section.

Gatechain and the exchange’s token GT

Two years ago, the exchange held an IEO for launching the blockchain of its own token GT. Initially the digital coin was launched simply as another token at the exchange. However, later on, the administration allowed the users to use it to pay trading fees and participate in the sales held in the IEO section.

Also, one should not mix GT and Gate Points tokens, as it often happens with novice traders.

Passive income on


In addition to active trading and investing, the exchange offers several passive income options with a rather high return rate. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Margin lending under the conditions of the exchange.
    If you have some uncommitted funds on your account, which you don’t plan to use any time soon, you can launch margin trade. The profitability in this case ranges within 3.65%-15% per year. For example, in the last 7 days, the profitability indicator for the USDT token amounted to 5.57%, and for AXS –53.08%. The profitability indicators of the assets can be found in the Margin Trading section.

  • Farming.
    This option is simpler. You earn by pledging your own assets or placing new tokens. It is one of the latest decentralized finance trade related to De-Fi tokens. The system allows you to earn maximum profit over a rather short period of time. You can add tokens for earning passive income in the Yield Farming section. At the moment, only three pairs are available: ETH/BTC, ETH/USDT and SUSHI/ETH.

    Farming on
  • Staking.
    You can freeze your assets at an interest rate (just like with a savings account at a bank) in the HODL & Earn and Lending & Single-Asset Vault sections. At the moment, purchase and sale of ETH, BTC, BNB, TRX, ATOM and USDT are available. The interest rates range from 1% to 71,53%, varying depending on the asset. You can also choose the period for freezing your assets.

  • Copy trading on
    It is a system, where each user can publish their own trading strategy. Such traders are called signalers. Other users can ‘borrow’ the trading strategy and the signalers will earn 5% of the trades made under his strategy. Notably, the larger the number of users that show interest in the strategy, the higher the profitability indicators will be. The website section offers a rather convenient toolbar and search, where you can find the most profitable strategy and a trading plan for a specific asset. The upgraded copy trading toolbar now offers Spot Grid Trading, Grid Contracts, MACD, MACF-RSI, double moving average and double average RSI. Users can quickly create, test and launch their strategies with just a click on the mouse. Furthermore, now the toolbar also features My Strategies, Strategy Settings, Top Ranking, News, books on Quantitative analysis.

    Copy trading on

Account opening on


In order to start trading, a user needs to register and create an account on the platform. This process will take you no longer than 15 minutes if you follow the pop-up instructions.

No minimum deposit requirement.
Account verification is performed at the request of the user.
There is anti-phishing protection.

Residents of which countries can trade at the exchange?

Registration and trading on the platform is available to users from all over the world. However, the service may be unavailable to the citizens of certain countries as a result of internal blocking, confirmed by the government of a specific country.

This was the situation with the US citizens. Several years ago the administration of the exchange stated it did not wish to work with the US users due to the lack of clarity from the SEC, which is the regulator of the stock market in the country. However, in December 2021, the exchange announced that the users from the US, Canada and Japan could now freely trade at the exchange.

Also the citizens or residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Crimea cannot open an account.

How to open an account on


In order to register an account, access the official website of the exchange and click Sign Up in the top right corner.

Opening an account on

Provide your email and come up with a username and password. Check the boxes at the bottom, confirming that you agree to your data being processed.

Registration on the exchange

Now you need to come up with the fund password. It must be different than the one you chose before, as it will be used for trading transactions and withdrawals to external wallets/accounts. The password must have at least 6 characters.

Fund password on

Confirm registration by following the link that will be sent to your email.


When you login to the website, you will see the phishing warning, the list of official websites and additional services.

Authorization on

Account verification on

At the moment, account verification is not mandatory, but it allows you to have higher deposit/withdrawal limits.

In order to confirm your account, you need to pass KYC verification. In order to do that, go to the settings and select KYC verification.

Passing verification on

Next, open the tab KYC (Identification) and click Verify Now.

Checking documents on

In the form, you need to enter the information about the user: full name, country, identity document type, upload a good quality photo or a scanned copy. This can be your passport or driver’s license or other ID document. Also, you will need to take a selfie holding your passport and attach it to the form.

Account verification on

Make sure you’ve entered the correct information and click Send. On average, it doesn’t take longer than 24 hours for an account to be verified, provided that you’ve followed all the rules. The notification confirming that your account has been verified or a request for additional documents will be sent to the email that you specified during registration.

Minimum deposit Binance HTX (Huobi)
Minimum deposit No $1 (for trading Spot 10) $1 (for trading Spot 20)

Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, offers very good conditions for funding the account and subsequent trading. However, you need to keep in mind that the platform does not work with fiat currencies, and therefore you need to deposit cryptocurrency to your account. Also remember that the minimum order is $10. Account Types

After analyzing the platform, we discovered that there is only one trading account with several wallets (separately for staking, spot trading and futures trading). It is rather convenient. After you’ve deposited funds, you can transfer part of them to the active wallet and keep the rest in the cold wallet.

No minimum deposit requirements.
The limits are calculated for each digital asset separately.
Fiat currency cannot be used.

There are two levels of verification at the exchange. Notably, the procedure is not mandatory, but it does allow you to lift withdrawal limits. Once you’ve passed Level 1, the daily limit is increased to $200,000 (the equivalent cryptocurrency amount in US dollars, and Level 2 - $5,000,000.

Level of Verification Withdrawal limit Specific details
Basic $100 000 Only email is required.
Level 1 $200 000 You need to fill out a form with personal information and upload an ID document.
Level 2 $5 000 000 You need to provide proof of residence.

Deposit and withdrawal


Cryptocurrency exchange offers very good conditions for performing financial transactions on the platform.

The deposit/withdrawal algorithm is very simple and you should not experience any difficulties if you follow the recommendations:

  • In your wallet choose Deposit in order to fund your trading account. Funding your account on
  • On the next page, choose the token, the network in which the transfer will be performed and the transaction protocol. Or, you can simply scan the QR code.
  • Open the wallet, where you hold tokens and transfer the amount to the account that will be generated by the system.

After confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain (two blocks), the funds will be credited to your account at the exchange and you will receive a notification with the status Done.

You can also use the same page to withdraw funds. The algorithm is the same; the only difference is that on the transaction page, you need to specify the address of the wallet, where you want to send your tokens.

Deposit and withdrawal options and processing time
Deposit/withdrawal method Fee Deposit/Withdrawal processing time
Bitcoin The exchange does not charge a fee, but the fee is charged by the blockchain. From several minutes to 4-5 hours, depending on the workload of the blockchain.
Ethereum The exchange does not charge a fee, but the fee is charged by the blockchain. From several minutes to 4-5 hours, depending on the workload of the blockchain. Trading Platforms


The cryptocurrency exchange has a simple and rather laconic design. All features and sections are well structured and you don’t have to look for something you need for long. The website also features a wide selection of market analysis tools. Overall, the design of the trading platform is very similar to the Bitfinex exchange:

  • On the right, you can see the market trend on the selected and most popular assets.
  • On the left, there is a list of trading pairs distributed by categories. If necessary, you can add them to favorites or make up your own top list.
  • At the bottom, there is DOM (depth of market), where the order book can be found. Trading Platforms

There is a candlestick chart and TradingView for market analysis.

The traders can use the following order types:

  • Limit order to buy an asset at a specified price. The order will be filled only at the specified price or higher.
  • Stop Order. This is a type of deferred order to buy/sell in the future at the level higher or lower than the current price.
  • Market Order. This is an order placed by an investor to buy/sell an asset at the best possible price.
  • Iceberg Order. It is a large order that is split into several smaller orders: visible and hidden parts in the order book.
  • Hidden Order. This is a limit order hidden from the order book. This order type is similar to the Iceberg Order, but the difference is that the hidden segments are too small to actually impact market rates.
  • Post-Only Order is a type of limit order shown in the order book.

A provisional order will be filled or activated in the market only if certain criteria are met.

Pros and Cons

Tradingview is available
Large choice of orders
Easy navigation on the website
Trading terminal on
Comparative table of features
Web Mobile
Two-factor authentication + +
Time frame range + +
Order types Limit, Stop Order, Market Order, Iceberg, Hidden, Conditional Limit, Stop Order, Market Order, Iceberg, Hidden, Conditional
Quote history + +
Tradingview charts + +
Trading platforms. Comparison with competitors Binance HTX (Huobi)
Web platform Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Desktop No Yes Yes trading platform features

You can trade with using a web platform or a mobile app. Let’s take a closer view of both options. web platform

The web version of the exchange is rather simple, but contains all the necessary features for comfortable trading. Starting from the home page, all features are structured by categories and groups. The home screen features popular digital assets and price growth/decline indicators over the past day, infographics on the services of the platform and active promo offers. On the top, there is a menu with pop-up contextual prompts for each category.

Web-платформа биржи exchange trading platform exchange platform

All transactions are performed in the Market section, where you can choose an asset, analyze the market and open/close an order. mobile platform

The mobile app of the exchange is concise and user-friendly. All key features are structured in the bottom menu. The features of the app fully replicate the main website.

Analytics on


The platform features a rather extensive section with information on the key events of the digital market. Registered users have access to the company’s blog containing big analytical reviews and short news releases. Also, the exchange offers a series of audio podcasts, each dedicated to a specific topic. You can listen to them on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Also, the website has a News section and all key events are covered on the social media of the exchange.

Pros and Cons

A lot of useful information.
Audio podcasts, which you can listen to while driving or doing something else.
Podcasts and videos are available only in English.
Information is available only to registered users



There is a large selection of educational materials on the website. This includes FAQ and detailed articles regarding certain topics (for example margin trading or staking), published on the platform. However, you can find the biggest volume of information on the allied platform Cryptopedia. All materials are structured by categories and form (texts, video tutorials, comics).

There is also a search feature on the homepage of the website, which you can use to quickly find information.

Customer support


Customer support is available on the website, which is convenient, as there may be many questions at the initial stage.

There are several ways to contact customer support.
It takes a long time for customer support to respond.
The responses are mainly provided in English, Bulgarian, Korean, or Japanese.
Channels of Communication

There are the following ways to contact customer support:

You can send a ticket on the website only in English, Japanese and Korean. You can also ask for advice or a question on a live chat, where the representatives of the exchange and other traders communicate.

Bonuses and promo


At the time this review was being prepared, there were no bonuses or promos. However, from time to time, the exchange has big offers, where traders can buy tokens at a good discount.



Overall, cryptocurrency exchange is a rather good platform for trading digital assets. The platform offers a big selection of tokens and long-term contracts and also an opportunity to list your own asset. Deposits and withdrawals are executed exclusively in crypto. This means that the money credited to your account has already been converted into digital coins. Withdrawals are also available only in cryptocurrencies, but the money will be converted and credited to your bank account as fiat. Speaking about the basic fees, they are much higher than those charged by the competitors. However, the users with large monthly trading volume can enjoy reduced fees, up to negative.

One of the key drawbacks of the exchange is that it does not hold the license for cryptocurrency trading. However, over the years of its operation, it has proven to everybody that the platform does offer good conditions and cares about its clients, employing multi-level security, two-factor authentication and phishing prevention measures.

In addition to traditional trading, you can earn a good income by staking or loaning funds to other users.

The website also features a lot of analytical and educational information, making the trading process very comfortable.

In conclusion, one can say that the exchange is generally a rather good one. If it removes the small drawbacks (for example poor or partial translation to other languages) and obtains a license, it has a very good chance of becoming the best.


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145 days ago's security measures provide a solid foundation that aligns with my cautious approach to trading. The safety net it offers is reassuring, though I occasionally wish for a leap into the unknown, craving the exhilaration of risk.
150 days ago
Absolutely thrilled with's selection of altcoins; it's like a treasure trove waiting to be explored. The interface is a bit of a maze, though. A simpler navigation would make this journey smoother.
155 days ago's platform allows me to engage in trading with minimal social interaction, which I prefer due to my schizoid tendencies. The extensive selection of cryptocurrencies and the ability to automate my trades provide a sense of detachment, enabling me to focus on the analytics without the need for frequent direct communication with others.
163 days ago
I appreciate for its user-centric approach, offering a secure and straightforward trading environment. The variety of available cryptocurrencies is excellent, catering to both mainstream and niche preferences. Customer support has been consistently reliable, providing peace of mind. While the platform is great for beginners and experienced traders alike, further enhancements in educational resources would be beneficial.
Rachel Brooks
171 days ago's adaptability to the evolving crypto market, including the potential of Bitcoin ETFs, has made it an attractive platform for diverse trading strategies in 2023.
Sarah Lewis
175 days ago's readiness to adapt to new market trends, including the potential of Bitcoin ETFs, positions it as an innovative and forward-thinking platform. This adaptability is crucial for traders looking to stay ahead in the crypto market.
Sophia Martinez
177 days ago seems well-prepared for the potential implications of Bitcoin ETFs. Their diverse portfolio offerings and responsive platform make it an excellent choice for traders looking to capitalize on market advancements.
Fiona James
183 days ago's readiness for potential market shifts, especially with the speculation around Bitcoin ETFs, makes it a go-to platform for diverse crypto trading and investment strategies.
190 days ago
The prospect of spot Bitcoin ETFs has made platforms like more relevant than ever. Their extensive range of crypto assets offers ample opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on potential market shifts.
194 days ago
In the context of discussions about spot ETFs on Bitcoin, I find offers good opportunities for BTC trading. This gives me confidence in the future potential of Bitcoin and my investments on this platform.
Kevin Brown
202 days ago
Overall, a solid choice. offers a vast selection of coins and tokens, which is great for diversifying a portfolio. The platform is quite advanced, so it might take some time for beginners to get accustomed to it.
Michael Brown
208 days ago's variety of coins is impressive, and their fees are reasonable. However, their customer service could be improved. It's a decent platform for those who are already familiar with crypto trading.
Sarah Parker
221 days ago
The platform is robust with many features, though it can be overwhelming for those new to cryptocurrency trading. is great for traders who need a variety of trading options.
230 days ago
It's a great platform for digital marketers looking to diversify their crypto portfolio. impressed me with its wide range of tokens and advanced trading features.
269 days ago
My job is all about value, and investing in cryptocurrencies on complements my perspective towards assessing worth in assets, digital or real!
276 days ago allowed me to dive deeper into futures trading. It took time to get the hang of it, but their resources and community helped me along the way. Patience is key!
299 days ago
If you're into derivatives, their perpetual contracts can be a game-changer. Just be very clear on how they work; they're not for the faint-hearted.
315 days ago
Being in tech, I appreciate the advanced features and API support. It’s a playground for anyone who likes to tinker around.
Linda Jons
337 days ago
With a lifetime of organizing information, I enjoy the analytical part of trading on Cryptocurrencies are like new books; there's always something new to learn.
340 days ago
I was looking for a comprehensive guide to, and I stumbled upon your review. It’s fantastic! I feel like I've hit the jackpot with this detailed insight into their security features. Kudos to you!
341 days ago
I see beauty in numbers, patterns, and trends on It's a canvas where finance and art meet. It's not just about money; it's about expression, creativity, and vision.
414 days ago
Well, that was a sobering review of You really cut through the noise with your analysis of their withdrawal process. I still have my doubts, though. Maybe next time, you can focus on their staking options? Keep it real!
662 days ago
Thank God I have never had any problems with I mainly use the platform for liquidity pools, sometimes I buy coins bridging them to other blockchain wallets. Luckily I haven’t needed the support yet, however I must mention the other exchanges’ support isn’t brilliant either. is good for buying rare coins and maybe not the best place for storing a lot of money (however this can be applied for all exchanges).
663 days ago
I’m very grateful to for helping me to return my tokens which I’ve sent on the wrong blockchain. That was a very quick help. The exchange is definitely amongst my favorites. The only con is that the user interface can be a bit slow from time to time yet I’ve never experienced any issues with trading or withdrawals. I truly recommend to new investors.
663 days ago
The interface still has a Chinese l-ge. False promises of cashback or good earnings is a common thing. Despite several attempts, my patience has gone away. Of course, as a show off, they promised while chatting to send an email and no response after weeks of waiting. Very "deeply concerned". The exchange didn’t meet my expectations.
664 days ago
The KYC procedure on is anything but simple. I’ve done it twice, through the webpage and through the app, and both times, damn it, couldn’t do it right. Any platform that can’t even make this process reliable and simple, let alone make their page and their app work correctly, is not a platform that anyone should give a cent to, let alone refer to anyone else. Not worth a trust and a time to spend for.
Conrad Ziniewicz
667 days ago
Technical support is inadequate. I’ve reported a case for not receiving coins on my exchange account providing them with transaction hash and screenshot of that transaction completed (with all info). They asked me for an url where this can be seen. And my case was set as "pending for information". This wasn’t changed even when I provided them with all the requested information. I don’t think that I can count on them for real. Two weeks of struggling with support and I finally received coins. But bad aftertaste has remained.
669 days ago
This CEX has a lot of very bad habits: self-defeating incomprehensible security, greedy fees, templated lazy responses to everything. I’ve spent way too much time trying to resolve something basic due to their incompetence. But they do trade in an excellent range of coins you won’t find on other exchanges.
673 days ago
PROS: Lots of coins, really a great variety! CONS: It is sometimes difficult to make a withdrawal - the exchange seems to deliberately create obstacles - SMS is not sent, then the number of attempts is too large and it’s not possible to make a transfer at the right time! For arbitration, it can fail - forget.
675 days ago is one of the best crypto exchanges, it’s in the top-10 of Coinmarketcap. It completely closes the need for trading with major pairs, but for measured trading, you still need to go through KYC. Support, in my opinion, is on the top, it takes less than a day to complete KYC verification, here I got through in an hour.
679 days ago
Support is far from perfect :( There was a problem with the funds withdrawal to different addresses, it took 2 weeks! Too much stress. I got my funds, but I’d say that support is not motivated to help.
charles in charge
679 days ago
Interface is not quite usual. I’ve been trading for 8 months now, but still can’t get used to it. Although the exchange itself works fine and the withdrawal of funds is carried out quickly. Support is awesome!
679 days ago
On the platform, the support service is very professional and polite, which surprised me a lot. So thankful for solving my issue, I’m very satisfied and I think I’ll stay here for a long time.
679 days ago
I really love this exchange! They built an excellent infrastructure, making pages as simple and easy in use as possible. Instinctively clear functionality.
680 days ago
Sometimes the exchange bugs out, once the ‘stop loss’ didn’t work (I’ve been there for a couple of months). But almost nothing was lost at that moment. The exchange works fine so far.